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Following the defeat of New South Wales 1, Brad Fitler and Nathan Cryrie came under fire but both responded.

Plus – the Blues’ first-team player made a big impact and left Fitler with more headaches.

Read the blue report card.

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Behind it was the usual tireless performance. James TedescoContinuing to lead the front – in action and on the field and in action. The Tedesco ran 191 meters, and 54 of them were able to travel in 10 buses after contact. Tedesco raised the ball with his fingers, and half of the time gave Nathan Creek and Jarom Lui plenty of time and space to play. The same is true of the wings. Brian Too And Daniel TupouCombining more than 400 running meters and 15 buses, each scored one test. Matt Burton But it was a real revelation. There was some gambling from Brad Fittler to give Burton his first game. Of course he was amazing for the Bulldogs but in the online series, Fittler could easily have made a safe call to protect Cotton Stages. Instead, he went to the former Panther and was rewarded.

Burton kicking game is the same | 03 ፡ 46 46

Burton offered a 102-meter, five-speed bus and a crucial additional kick-off option. Stephen Creekton After the burning of Kalin Ponga, he appeared on the defensive, led by Cameron Munster, but had some good times. Burton’s appearance has made Fittler a headache for Jack White if he is to be selected for Game 3.

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Gran Tourimo 7 wells NSW from QLD | 02 ፡ 12 12


The focus is on. Jarom Lui And Nathan Creerie After the game 1. Fair or unfair, this was an unmarked double for the Panthers in the NRL. The pair had a chance to score early in Game 2, but Queensland’s defensive prowess caused all sorts of problems. This time, however, Lui and Clyri agreed to lead the Blues to victory. Clyri had a lot of difference in the ball, once forcing him to cross the line in the fourth corner.

QLD Player Ratings Beginner Forget Beginner Muntster returns to Earth

NSW Player Ratings Cleary’s amazing response shines as a star and star first.

Cleary ‘Best of Andrew Jones’ | 02 ፡ 35 35

That was the beginning of a 10-minute game in which the Blues halved and Lui and Clyri scored the next three attempts to put the game to bed. Lui scored a few failed goals in the first half, but in the second half he scored, although it was darkened by half of his teammates.

Step: A-

in the future

Let’s start with that Jack Trbojevich. The eagles may not be very explosive in the future, but they don’t have to be. This is the blues side with a lot of punches in front. All NSW needed was Trobojevich to do all the cleaning in the center of defense – and he did. Trobojevich made 27 balls but ran 124 meters and called Cooper Kronk “rock” in the middle. “It’s granite in the middle,” Kronk said. In his efforts tonight, he has been selected for the next 10 years.

When the ‘GE’ ’Friedy got his wish, great people exploded in the Sin Bean drama

Anis’s big Joy call after the Panthers superstar went ‘well’ to shut down critics

Jurbo: Unsung Hero of Game II | 02 ፡ 11 11

“In just 80 minutes,” added Michael Inis. He is a perfect teammate and you can see how aggressive his defense is tonight. It only sets the standard. Elsewhere, APISA CORISAW It was relatively quiet for about nine meters in one race, but it was still dangerous to be out of the way. The rest of the package was just as strong, with Payne Hass And Isaiah Jehu. He ran in the middle with a lot of poison, fighting every meter. Speaking after the game, Anis said the “bond” had helped NSW prepare for the Blues’ midfield with Yo and Korosaw in advance. Liam Martin He increased his participation in a few strong races to finish the 85 meters. Cameron Murray He was busy running the 78 meters with 25 balls and once again he scored well in the opening minutes of the game.

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Junior Paul Paramatta’s team-mates Reagan Campbell-Guillard and Ryan Materson have been ruled out of the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie. At the 129-meter hurdles, Paul scored three goals in a three-pointer and doubled down on the bench. Damien Cook Although he did not need it, his exit from the bench did not have the desired effect.

DCE exploded into a sin bin drama while Freddie’s plea was ‘different’

‘They’re heavy’

‘Shocked,’ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘


He came shortly before Felix Kafusi was caught in the act and after that it was all about pulling the strings of Lui and Clyri, and Cook simplifying his role accordingly. That was important in itself, as it helped give half of Dumi-half quick and sharp passes to give the striker more time and space to make decisions. Angels Creekton He ran each 51-meter race with two five-passenger buses and a bench. Joseph Talakai He played for 16 minutes on the bench and did not have to be an attacker for any game like Cook.

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Well, that was the way. Brad Fittler To silence the critics. Fitler was shocked when he made changes after Game 1 and was flipped left, right and center. Burton, in particular, has done a great job of representing himself in the centers. “Great leadership by their coaches, Brad Fitler,” Andrew Jones commented. Channel 9. “He made some changes, and everyone in the media was sealed and said nothing. He was nervous. He instinctively believed. Big decisions, big decisions by Brad Fetler and his team, and they really came up. “Tactical change” helped Cleary to excel.

Queensland Biggest VILLAIN Point First | 00:28

“It was a tactical change from Nathan Creek in half an hour from New South Wales,” Kronk said on the Fox League post-match cover. “He had Brad Fitler hit early. He had Ponga, he had Taulagi under all kinds of pressure. Nathan Cleri got the ball in a better position and then separated them. Fitler paid for the minutes between Corissa and Cook and made sure they didn’t attack Talakain ahead of the tournament, with Queensland holding him back.

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