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Game 3 team tips; NSW Blues vs Queensland Maroons; selections, injuries, David Fifita, Felise Kaufusi, Selwyn Cobbo

Billy Slater may be a veteran of the Felix Caucus, the decision maker of the series.

Kaufisi missed a game with Mani earlier this week after traveling to Los Angeles to meet his hospitalized father, Taniella.

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David Fifita lined up to remember the origin.
David Fifita lined up to remember the origin.Source Fate-Getty Images

According to the News Corporation, David Fifita could be the starting point for a replacement for Cafusine, with the Titans set to return to the Gold Coast last Saturday in a clash with the Cavaliers. Fifa has suffered two knee injuries in just one of the Titans’ last seven games.

Titan’s team-mate Beu Fermore is a two-time Maroons substitute, and the pair could have a friendly this weekend to replace Cafusi.

Cowboys youngster Jeremiah Nanai is another option. The 19-year-old is out of the QLD seat for this series, but Fifita’s initial talent could create opportunities for him.


Maron begged coach Billy Slater to stay with Celtic Kobo after he lost his first game in Game 2.

Kobo faces Murray Tualagu

“I hope Billy picks me up again on the team,” Kobo told Courier Mail.

I’m not sure (if I will be selected for Game Three) I have to do well this week and I hope Billy wants me back there.

I was amazed at how difficult the origin was. It’s a special game for NRL. I like it, but it’s really physical and faster than anything I don’t know.

According to the Courier Mail, there are hopes that two beginner wings will be left in attack at Maron Camp and that they may require an election switch.

The location of Celwin Kobo on the Meron side is in jeopardy.Source Fate-Getty Images

Auburn was upset by Pong’s absence

Kalin Ponga has been forced to avoid the Cavaliers’ clash with the Titans due to concert protocols, and coach Adam O’Brien is unhappy.

Auburn’s Queensland doctor said Pongan had been cleared by HIA two games later, but NRL Bunker ruled the player should have a seizure – he was ruled out for a week.

“For us, the first step is to go and clean it up with specialists who know hell better than I do, and clean up the rest,” he said.

“After the game he passed the review with the Queensland doctor … for me as the number one coach, but someone who cares about him (like) he was fine.

“The irony is that the people who talk to him and do the evaluation will not get the final decision.

“We send it to the specialists and we make sure everything is right but he is in there and I talked … he looks very good.”

Ponga is expected to return to Game III.

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O’Brien confidently, despite the start of the season | 03 ፡ 53 53

Bellamy is a trustworthy man.

Melbourne hurricane coach Craig Bellamy is confident Cameron Munster will recover from a shoulder injury sustained in Game 2 and will be in contention for the final.

Munster escaped defeat by the Mariners in Melbourne on Thursday night, but Bellamy said he was close to playing for Munster after the game – and it must be a good start.

“He will be there. I don’t think it was too far to play today. Sometimes you will receive messages mixed with Munster. I think he’ll play on Tuesday and then he won’t play, but I’m sure he’ll be right for the original.

Joey returned Burton to Stick

NSW boss Brad Fitler is also facing some tough decisions, but Andrew Jones Matt Burton believes the Blues should ‘stay’.

Jack Whiteton and Lateral Mitchell have been considered as alternatives to join the Blues, who beat QLD 44-12 in two games.

And Jones sympathized with Whitten, who missed Perth’s victory over Covider-19, but wrote to Fairfax: “But you can’t easily replace Matt Burton. He must stay.

“He has the gift; the gift of being in the right place at the right time.”

DCE Fun Night in Brook | 01:45

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