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The apparent change in tactics from Brad Fittler and the Blues’ Jack Whitden’s fate after the Reds star’s crucial loss to his homeland began.

The Blues went into Game 1 with Damien Cook in No. 9 and no reserve.

Queensland, on the other hand, have started the Ben Hunt, with Harry Grant coming off the bench and making a quick impact on the Blues’ defense.

Fittler added Panthers hooker Api Koroisau to the starting lineup and Cook responded by changing to a bench for Game 2.

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The point is, once Fetler decided to stay with Stephen Cretchton and Matt Burton, Wighton had no place in Game 3.

Wighton despte being one of the Blues’ best players at the opening of this series and only missed the clash at Optus Stadium after Kovid’s contract.

“That was hard. Sifa (Talakai), the versatility of the bench, was the reason we went with Sifa rather than Jack, ”Fittler said Monday.

“We took it into consideration [playing Wighton at centre] But I think what Matt did in the second game was just a little more. What Jack brings is very different from what Matt brings.

“We have two really young centers there. It’s a very difficult place to play and maybe we were a little vulnerable there so we have work to do.

NSW Consultant Greg Alexander shed more light on the decision during his presentation on NRL360 on Monday night.

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On NRL360, “Something really wasn’t taken lightly and there was a lot of discussion last night when the round was over.

“When we decided to stay in the centers with Matt Burton, the question was who could fill the space on the bench.

Having a prostitute in the chair not only helped us to play in the middle but also supported us in the back row.

In response to Alexander, Daily Telegraph reporter David Ricciio admitted that he would not be able to vote for the Blues if he did not start.

“For me, Damien Cook, on the bench there, I can’t see how you’ll find Whitney and you’ll lose in the future,” he said.

“You can’t find cooking and whitening on a bench.”

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