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Garry Jacobson sacked by PremiAir Racing, next driver, replacement, news, Zane Goddard, Kurt Kostecki

The Supercars Clothing Premier League has confirmed that it has parted ways with driver Gary Jacobson, and it will take effect immediately.

Jacobson’s departure was announced two days later by the Marilyn Darwin Triple Crown. There he finished 22nd, 18th and 22nd. In six rounds, Jacobs is 24th in the table.

His 2022 highlight came at Albert Park, where he recorded three top 10 finishes.

The Premier League has yet to announce a replacement driver, with the NTI Townsville 500 less than three weeks away.

“The Premier League wants to make sure it works right away. Gary Jacobson and Premier League have split.

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“Jacobson’s contract expires this afternoon (June 21, 2022), and the Premier League is exploring options for a replacement for the # 76 Subway Premier Supercar.

“Ads for # 76 will be released as soon as possible.

“PremiAir Racing makes no further comment on the release of the cart and wishes him well in his future endeavors.

Before joining the 2021 season, Jacobson joined what is now known as the Premier League.

The former Sydney team competed against Fabian Coltard.

The team won the 2016 Super 2 title with a change of ownership of the team to Peter Zibras.

Jacobson and Chris Peter also formed the Supercar driver line.

Marilyn Darwin’s triangular crown was the beginning of Jacobs’ 50th supercar.

The first full-time season came with Kelly Racing in 2019 before moving to Matt Stone in 2020.

The Victorian made his Australian debut in the 2017 Endurance Championships in Enduros.

He also won the 2016 Super 2 Cup with Providence, now known as Tickford Racing.

Premier League is now in the hunt for a replacement, with Zane Godard and Kurt Kosteki both linked to the driver.

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Godardard, a former friend of Jacobson’s MSR team, recently tested PremiAir Commodore.

Super 2 drivers Cameron Hill and Tyler Everingham experimented with Carrera Cap driver Harry Jones with the team.

Goddard and Kostecki have signed contracts with Tickford for the 2022 Endowment, but are not allocated to cars.

The 2022 season continues next month in Townsville.

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