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Geelong Cats player ratings vs Collingwood Magpies, First Qualifying Final, highlights, stats, best and worst players

Jeremy Cameron proves why he is the best player in the AFL.

Plus Gary Rohan chased away the ghosts of past finals to deliver a performance of the ages.

Every Geelong player was ranked in the top 10 for the qualifier against Collingwood.

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1. Rhys Stanley

They fought big with Mason Cox and Darcy Cameron. Not his most efficient game, but he did well to neutralize the Magpies’ duo. 5

2. Zach Tuohy

He spent a lot of time on Jamie Elliott but tried to avoid it at times. He missed two critical interceptions. He used the ball well with his feet. 6

5. Jeremy Cameron

The best player of the season. The Pies gave the Cats plenty of momentum as they topped a strong opening term, including Geelong’s opening goal. He then unleashed a series of terrific field goals that set up goals for Gary Rohan and Mitch Duncan before urinating in the third period on an errant third-quarter kick to his left foot. Completed in 3.2. 12 of the 17 possessions led to Cats scores – “a complete game,” said Fox Footy’s Nick Rialdt. 9

7. Isaac Smith

A gutsy runner was vital all night, gaining enough territory for his side in 88 per cent of the game. He finished with 20 touchdowns, eight of which came in the final quarter. 6

8. Jake Kolodjashnij

His knee was caught under Will Hoskin-Elliott and then limped off in the first term with a knee injury. They stayed on the floor for another quarter before going down before halftime. 3

9. Max Holmes

He was busy with every game. His chance in the second season was a golden opportunity to get a lucky ball and score a goal. But he was huge in the final quarter, finishing with eight tackles and the game-winning field goal. 7

14. Joel Selud

I still get it. Still, such a bull leads by example in 34 hot races. Excellent composure in tight situations and finished with a game-high 25 disposals. 8

16. Sam the King

He didn’t have a natural matchup playing against different players. He still finished with seven interceptions and was mostly effective on foot. 6

18. Tyson Stengle

Finished with six balls and created a lot of defensive pressure. Only 14 uses. 5

22. Mitch Duncan

What a plus for the finale. He scored a crucial goal in the third round and finished with 23 rebounds. 7

23. Gary Rohan

Gary Freakin’ Rohan. A far cry from Gary Rohan in previous finals, he thrived in a different role where he spent more time on the ball. He played with real energy, looked dangerous and chased hard. He scored late in the second term to give Geelong the lead with a towering mark and goal in the third. But his biggest moment came late in the fourth period, when he pulled off another contested mark and nailed a long-range set-shot. Daisy Pearce told Channel 7 Rohan “worked overtime”. A monkey on the back? 8

24. Jade kisses

A couple of big plays late on, forcing the ball out of bounds when the Magpies had plenty of numbers around the footy. Finished with six interceptions. 6

26. Tom Hawkins

He was beaten, but still found a way to make an impact. Darcy Moore played blind and had very limited opportunities to influence the scoreboard. But every time the big cat touched a leg, it usually led to a Geelong point. Seven of his 10 touchdowns went to the Cats. 5

29. Cameron Guthrie

He picked up in the second term as the Cats struggled with eight touchdowns and four tackles for the quarter. He finished with 23 for the game. 7

30. Tom Atkins

A solid defensive game in the first three quarters before exploding in the fourth period – just like he did against Port Adelaide late in the season. He had 12 tackles, eight contested possessions and four interceptions to keep the Cats going in the fourth quarter. 7

32. Ryan Myers

He got to work in the final quarter and capitalized on the Cats’ strong counter-attacking football. He led nine touchdowns and six to Geelong scores. 5

35. Patrick Dangerfield

There were some crucial moments during the game where he wanted the ball more than anyone else on the park. He had 22 touches, 12 contested possessions, eight clearances and six tackles. 8

38. Jack Henry

He played tall and short throughout the night against various Magpie opponents. 4

39. Zach Guthrie

He has shown why he is one of the most improved players in the Cats this season. He finished with 17 disposals, eight interceptions and five inside 50s and a foot rate of 75 per cent. 7

42. Mark O’Connor

He started on the medical sub and entered the game before the break. He finished with nine sacks and six sacks. 5

44. Tom Stewart

That’s why he’s a four-time All-Australian. Brody Mihocek had eight touchdowns in the third quarter. Finished with 22 disposals, 10 interceptions and seven marks. 8

45. Brad Close

Crucial second period, reducing the impact of Nick Dykos’ goal kicking. He added his second major in the final period to put Geelong in front. 6

46. ​​Mark Blikavs

He played a variety of roles including running back and defense. But in the second half, Jordan De Goey was closely shadowed. 6

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