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Geelong Cats v Melbourne Demons, preliminary final rematch, Chris Scott, game style, Leigh Montagna, analysis, forward

Geolong says they have their own “better version” under Chris Scott’s new game plan, said Fox Footy Le Montagna, thanks to a simple change.

Last year the Cats looked at the ball from the sidelines and were at the bottom of the conflict percentage – but it was the style of play that saw them beat in all three of their last Premier League games.

In a vision on AFL 360, the Montana Geolong stop game highlighted how much time it took to pass and cover demonic defenses.

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But according to Scott’s dangerous style of play ahead of the first round, the Cats are finding fast-paced goals.

“They are more efficient,” praised Montana.

“There has been a lot of change in writing this year.

“Last year, Jill looked sideways, looking inward. I think there is a change in ‘we have to go forward, we can’t go sideways because the best defenders in the tournament are well behind football.’

“We didn’t see this last year. Everything is now ahead, moving the ball, eyes before the ball.

“The only thing that has changed is that they are moving forward.”

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Statistics show that the Cats were ranked 7th, 11th, 50th, 18th, and 921.

This year they are ranked 4th, 1st, 3rd and 5th.

Montana He said the short game, which is the trademark of Geolong in 2021, still exists, but has improved.

“They go fast, but they are still short,” he said.

“The four are still high for unbeaten marks and short kicks – the same as last year.

“They choose their path and move forward.

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“They’re going to go to Melbourne, not next to them.”

His fellow Fox Foot analyst David King’s last two games with the Cats were impressive – standing results.

In the 23rd round, the Cats scored 48 points from the standings, while in the final, they scored 101 points.

“We have never seen such a number,” he said.

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