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The AFL should discourage players from tackling their height, says Leigh Montagna, after a string of free kicks were awarded but Collingwood’s Jack Guinevan was charged “in a different way”.

In recent weeks, the free-kick tactic, known as ‘Guinevan’s Law’, has been the talk of the town as many players look to exploit the gap.

In 2022, the top tackle count has risen by 25 per cent, a worrying sign for the AFL.

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Montagna says we need to eliminate the fall/fall of the knee by not rewarding the act.

“There are definitely more and more players,” he said on First Crack.

“Football players are smart, they go: ‘Well, if you can’t beat them, join them.’ We’re getting free kicks, players are getting free kicks, and I can do the same.

“I think it’s a concern for the AFL.

“We don’t want all of a sudden half-time when the ball is jammed when you’re playing a penalty.”

Hawk eagles passed | 00:56

Ginnivan’s team-mate Scott Pendlebury, Docker Michael Walters, Eagle Liam Ryan and Damon Kisiah Pickett were all heavily penalized for the same tactic.

“From Ginnivan’s chat to: ‘Are we going to find this in our game and reward it?'” Montagna said. He went to

“I think the AFL shouldn’t be paying these as senior contacts. The players stop playing.”

Fox Footy’s David King says it’s time to punish the act to keep it out of the game.

“If you do that and you fail, you’re going to get headshots and you’re going to get a head injury,” he says on First Crack.

“So you either get it right or you get it wrong. If you get high you get a penalty and the referee says it’s a bad technique on the palm.

Light on Swans Fremantle | 02:14

If you are the one who provoked that high tackle, we should stamp a penalty on you.

King and Montagna agreed that the rule should be explored in the postseason.

“We want the AFL to come out and clarify what the rule is,” Montagna said.

“There is an assumption that if it goes up, it will go up.

“It has to tighten up somewhere along the line.”

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