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Gold Coast Suns’ list concessions set to be reviewed, rescue package, form, list size

Gold Coast CEO Mark Evans is set to hold talks with AFL over the next two months.

The Stuart Dave team finished 11th with 7-6 to 14 rounds.

The Suns are also set to re-sign the couple they requested, Isaac Rankin and Jack Lucius, as well as Lachi Welller, who is recovering from an ACL fracture.

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For the past six weeks, Gold Coast has been ranked by AFL 1st without a ladder.

That big desert years of improvement and the selection of players by Victorian clubs could signal the end of AFL’s help, but head coach Craig Cameron said he was “waiting for advice”.

“Our people have started playing enough games to have some real connections, and we are seeing some results on the ground,” Cameron said.

Jack Lucius is wanted by both South Australian clubs but is set to stay at the Gold Coast. Image: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

But we are far from comfortable – we have to move on.

Cameron Evans said he would conduct most of the discussions with AFL.

With the departure of co-captains Tom Lynch and Steven May, after the 2018 Queensland Crossroads crossroads, the top permanent rivals in the competition.

The Sun has won more than six games in each of the 2015-2019 season, and the AFL has announced what is the most effective save package.

A.D. In the 2019 draft, the No. 1 election is already guaranteed, but accept the first two – they will be used to elect Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson – but the offers go beyond that.

Noah Anderson is a key driver for the Gold Coast. Image: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Gold Coast recorded more elections at the beginning of the second round the same year, as well as the first round of the 2020 first round and the first round of the second round in 2021.

The Suns sent that 2020 election to Geelong to trade the 2020 election to the 2019 draft and elect Jeremy Sharp at No. 27, but the 2021 election was used to exchange Will Broaddi’s payroll ‘with Fremantle.

“It allows us to have two very difficult drafts, where we can bring in some young talents at the same time, grow them together and be part of the club’s development,” Cameron said.

“So there is no doubt that he understood that and gave us some flexibility in our decisions. Our strategy was to go through two drafts to strengthen the list.

“Once upon a time some players left us at the end of 2018. We thought it was important to get the team out of two drafts, this is their club and they are part of the development.

Joel Jeffrey seems to be a major part of the future of the sun. Image: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

AFL has also added Darwin to the Gold Coast Academy destination, which has the ability to list players without having to match opponents.

Darwin’s talent, Joel Jeffrey, and Karens, who grew up in Karens, were considered the first round picks two years ago, and both joined the Gold Coast that way.

The final part of the help package allows the Suns to list up to 10 players, four more than any other club.

The Suns remain in the dark as to whether they can list any academy players in advance of this year’s draft or keep up to 10 players on the roster.

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