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In October, 2018, the Gold Coast sun was at an all-time low.

Joint captains Tom Lynch and Steven May went to Victorian clubs, and former team-mate Took Miller left for action.

Since 2015, the club has lost business to Dion Presto (Richmond), Charlie Dixon (Port Adelaide), Jger Omera (Hawwen), Adam Sad (Essen) and Gary Ablet (Giloong).

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Lynch and May’s preparations began under a difficult season under coach Stuart Dow, and the team finished second with just four wins from 22 games.

As the old saying goes, ‘the hour of darkness is yet to come,’ and the seeds sown in the midst of that persecution, four years later, seemed to reap great rewards.

Instead of turning their backs on the sun, almost all of the current Marquee players are determined to maintain faith.

For the second time in many years, Tuk Miller has signed a five-year deal, calling himself ‘Sun for Life’ in another remarkable time.

Ben King, who was sometimes referred to as a result of a trade deal with Victoria, showed great faith when he recovered from ACL injury for another two years.

Then, this week, Jack Luccius put pen to paper on a four-year extension, abandoning interest in his native South Australia and making a series of triple contract calls about the sun, both on and off the field.

“There are two questions players ask when their contracts expire. I like one here and then another, is there a reason to leave? ” Said Wayne Campbell, head of Suns football. this week.

“I think our job as a football department is to create a conducive environment for them to enjoy and know that they are getting the best out of themselves.

I think right now they’re looking at that and we’re really excited about it, the people, the coach, the high performance, the security, the analysis, all things like that are really good.

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Hitting the reset key

So, what seeds were planted in late 2018?

“I think there were some significant developments. “David Swallow has signed and I’m not sure if he’s the most admired player on the Gold Coast,” said Campbell.

He put the flag on the ground and then Took and Wits (Jarod Wits) and the three now our co-captains ‘strong backyards and hard work to help change it.’

Finally, the 16 players who were at the club in 2018 – for many reasons – were not there at the start of the 2019 season.

After deleting Jared Lyon’s list, he acknowledged that even the sun, which has been wanting to walk for four years, could be cut off.

However, the purpose was clear; The draft capital, which was released by Lynch and May, was signed by the club. At the same time in late 2018, he helped strengthen his commitment to recruiting young players and giving them ownership of the club, a cultural foundation.

Another key decision is to target experienced players with good behavior, both on and off the field; George Horlin-Smith and Anthony Miles were two examples of the 2018 business year.

Players can make mistakes (for a reason), but this is the main thing if they own and solve it.

David Swallow was crucial to the progress of the sun (Photo by Jono Seral (AFL Photos) by Getty).Source Fate-Getty Images

Off-field OverDRIVE

As the club’s culture began to strengthen on the field, the next step was culture and experience.

Brad Reid has been promoted to Head of Individual Excellence in 2020 and is leading the role of Sunnis players in investing in their own development off the field, increasing their resilience and independence, and in turn. Reason to go home.

It was an investment that Sun should have made in terms of the number of players, not the Sunshine State, but they did excel in signing contracts.

There are many names that have played a role in that place – Jackson Cornerberg, Ben Mabon and Alex Rugby to name a few – but Rhyce Shaw’s impact on the club is profound.

A.D. Since joining in 2021, he has been in charge of the Sun and Sun and Shoa’s performance as head of development.

Tew worked with Shaw at Sydney Swans and after a stint in North Melbourne in late 2020 for personal reasons, Tew worked hard to hire a former co-worker.

“If he wasn’t the best in it (player development), I wouldn’t be who I am,” Campbell said of Shaw.

“He (Dew) saw a great opportunity to make the club better, but to help someone who is good to him and to take things into consideration. It was good for everyone to move his family to the Gold Coast and go where he is now, good for our club, great for Rice, good for his family.

“So you have experience in playing, coaching, development coaching, senior coaching to run our development program. It feels great for the game, and it feels great for the people. He alone cares.

“It’s just a story of how the players went to him for advice on handball, life or anything else. People go, ‘G, if I go somewhere else, will Rhyce Shaw be with me?’ This is a little weird about it, but you may not be able to explain its importance to our football club.

Rice Shaw is thriving at Gold Coast (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images


When Gold Coast Sensation enters 2022, it will not be much pressure in the near future.

Steven King and Brad Miller joined the club before the 2022 season, bringing in a pair of hot-eyed players, and Josh Dreammond, Tate Kezler, and the Sun.

What helped them to do so consistently (at least this season) was the arrival of David Bailey, the club’s fitness manager who came to the club in early 2020 and has a lot of experience in national cricket.

Stuart Dow is leading the way.

No top coach should put more pressure on the team during the year and it has increased tenfold due to the sudden presence of Alarger Clarkson, but the year he started the gap following the Hawthorn Four Flags is still known. To return to coaching in 2023.

The combination of the sun’s rays indicates the strength of the dew.

“He takes over the village, but the top coach is the most important person in the organization.

“He has done a fantastic job in terms of the pressure and the conditions you mentioned in last year’s contract.

“The position feels good about his high performance and he deserves a lot of credit as a head coach.”

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Contract calls remain

Next up for the sun? The biggest contract call of all will be Stuart Dow.

The Suns needed a big fall to finish the season and Dew did more than enough to extend his contract.

The team’s performance in the way it did without Ben King’s biggest star due to injury is another feat on the dew hat, as well as Mabior Chol and Levi Casbolt.

The dew’s future is now much better than it was 15 weeks ago.

From the field view, Isaac Rankin is quickly on the priority list.

The Suns selected Rankin No. 3 in the 2018 draft and entered the field in 2020 after scoring five goals in his first two games.

Struggling to repeat the original form, Rankin found himself by his side in 2021, but things seemed to click on him in 2022.

He and Matt Roweel played in a one-off match against West Coast Eagles before Corky injured the 22-year-old for three weeks.

In recent weeks, Rankin has become a revelation, and the numbers support that finding.

He quickly became a key figure in the future. He said this week that he was confident the deal would be finalized, but Campbell had little hope of moving forward.

“I think this is the end of three years of work and a lot of different people have some input in Isaac – that’s what we want him to be,” Campbell said.

“There were great discussions with him and the manager to see how he went. He wants to know where the value is and we want to see where the value is.

“Now we know, and now chatting with Craig (details manager Craig Cameron). We are really positive about him. Isaac likes it here, buys it here, we are really comfortable and we really trust him.

After Ranking, the star pair Rowell and Noah Anderson will be on the beach trying their futures, both of which expire at the end of 2023.

The couple have won the first two elections in the 2019 draft, and their best friends are thriving together in the sun.

Both are “critical” to Campbell’s long-term future, and although with each re-signing, the wage ceiling is shrinking, there is still plenty of room to offer attractive deals for the couple.

Noah Anderson and Matt Rowell are crucial to the future of the sun (Photo by Robert Cianflon / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Finally, after a period of darkness, the sun began to shine.

It is amazing to see the stars, both on and off the field.

That statement itself is a clear indication of how far the party has come since the end of 2018.

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