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Gold Coast Suns win after the siren, Noah Anderson goal, video, post-game interview, Richmond comeback

Noah Anderson has set his sights on under the age of 13 to drag the Gold Coast suns along Richmond.

With up to 40 points at the Metricon Stadium, Anderson lined up at a distance of 40 meters to win the game after Sirin.

Anderson put it in the shot and pandemonium exploded at the Metric Stadium.

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‘I think there is some skill in this!’ | 00:39

Speaking to Alaster Lynch after the game, Anderson told Fox Foot that he and his team were relieved to have suffered a number of similar defeats this season.

“Amazing. I mean, the last two weeks, we feel very close to two very good sides,” he said.

“We supported ourselves as bloodthirsty workers and we finally got there. The first half was weak but what a recovery.

“I was wondering when Sirin would leave. I missed that shot in the Under-13 semi-final and that was in my head. I grew up in the Richmond neighborhood, which was in my head. Take your time, Daisy has taken a big hit ለው You’ve reached the end of one.

“We are maturing, we have a lot of confidence in the team,” Anderson said of the recent narrow defeat.

“I believe in these boys, the boys who don’t play, even the boys who are injured – we are all part of this process.

“We feel like we want to build and we’re hungry. It’s good, it feels good.”

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