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Gorden Tallis in awe over Patrick Carrigan’s leadership skills, mic’d up video, footage, Greg Alexander, Brisbane Broncos vs Canberra Raiders, latest, highlights

Gordon Tallis described Brisbane Broncos star Patrick Carigan’s leadership skills as “rare” and protested against social media because of the video.

Carigan was 22 years old when he became captain of the Broncos during the 2020 NRL.

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But in last Saturday’s game against the Canberra Reds at the Broncos, Carigan made it clear why he was given the lead at a young age.

In the video, Carigan is connected to a microphone and all of his verbal conversations with his teammates are made public, with fans praising the 24-year-old for his encouragement and speech, even communicating with the Raiders player.

Speaking Fox LeagueHost Lara Pitt says that some people are comparing Carigan’s leadership style to that of Talis, but Broncos said that he was not even a great speaker.

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Why Carrigan was the 22yo Captain | 03:01

“No, I did not say that, that is the eyes and ears of the coaches.

“Was Kevvy giving him these messages? For that man when he was 24, he got his centurion at the age of 22 and I was thinking you know, why does this guy have that?

“Then I had two gigs of conversation with him, and he is clear, he has very good manners and he is present, he is a big part of it.

But for him to go out there, and I played right with a lot of speakers, and I was talking a lot on the field, and it’s dirty, it’s white noise.

What he said was perfect, there were direct messages to all the teammates and they liked to play with such a guy because when they got tired, everything he said was in place.

Greg Alexander was amazed to see how Carari could continue to speak between different players.

“He was talking to his teammates when he was making tackles,” Alexander said.

“Thinking about why he is a captain, you have the answer. That’s why he got his centurion. That was amazing.

Talisman concludes: “This is strange. So what you see there you can play with a lot of guys, I played with 100 guys, say that one or two guys.

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