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Melbourne’s Vixen is determined to make a strong start to Sunday’s West Netball final against the West Coast fever, which is aimed at suppressing the “Green Army.”

When the two teams met in the final, it was the heat that led to a nine-goal lead in the first half – winning nine and taking the final spot.

With a lot of people selling at the Perth RAC Arena, Vickens’ co-captain Liz Watson said the team knew the start was crucial for the club’s second super netball crown.

You can watch all the Suncorp Super Netball Grand Final action this Sunday night from 6 pm EST on Fox Netball and Foxtel and Kayo.

“Getting a strong start is our first priority,” Watson said. Thursday at the Melbourne Vicks Cross Promo with Christian Petraca.

“That was not the last time we had (fever at the first end) and it was the place where they found their flow and ran. We have shown that only with that faith and trust, we can fight.

“The strong start, by staying really simple and basic and not getting caught up in their crowd and how they play (is crucial).”

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Watson, who was quiet in the first final, said she felt stronger than ever after missing the 2021 season due to injury.

The star said that it was difficult to see her teammates finish in the middle of nowhere.

Now Vixons are looking to support him from the Premier League to the Spoon and the Premier League in three seasons – a success that no club has achieved in Super Netball.

“It was very challenging because there is nothing you can do to help in court, and this is where I feel so natural that I can help,” she says.

It was a challenge but you saw the pre-race journey and determination because we didn’t see ourselves as a low-key team.

Feelings of Vixens players after the pre-final victory.  Photo: Kelly Defina
Feelings of Vixens players after the pre-final victory. Photo: Kelly DefinaSource Fate-Getty Images

Watson said the Battle of Vixens was clear last weekend’s stunning first-leg victory over GIANTS.

Looking at a nine-goal deficit in the final change and a 20-match unbeaten run after finishing in 2022 as a small Premier League side, Vixons narrowed the Giants to just one goal last time out by seven goals.

Watson said the victory over West Coast would give them confidence.

“It was a disgrace for us to end up with so many (hot) bombs,” Watson said.

But we bought that fight last week and we got ourselves here. We are very clear about what causes a fever over the weekend and we know what we need to do to play better than we did the first time.

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After escaping the GIANTS clash under Coveto Protocols, the Vikings will welcome Kira Austin’s goal back in Sunday’s grand final.

Sunday’s clash is the rematch of the 2020 Grand Prix, with Vixen winning by two goals.

But in that case, the game was part of the Covenant media, which took place in neutral Queensland. This weekend, the Great Final will be played for a crowd gathered with a parochial fever.

“When you go there and play, they have such a strong crowd and they are very emotional and they love volleyball. Playing in front of family and friends at RAC Arena is always a challenge, ”said Watson.
“Such a big target shooter (four times by SSN MVP Janiel Foller) is there, they are very difficult to stop, and they know that most of the teams in the competition are always a team. Grind and test to win. Probably a very challenging group for everyone.

The super netball grand finale kicks off at 7 pm AEST.

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