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Greg Alexander defends NSW Blues squad selection, Penrith Panthers players, NRL 360, latest, 2023 squad, updates, latest

Greg Alexander has said that the New South Wales squad is not for the Origins of Origins and that there are not many Pennent Panthers players in the squad.

The Blues went down to the Marines on 22-12 in Game Three at Suncorp Stadium, as a series of costly individual shots hit NSW in the leg, allowing the team to use it to secure the victory.

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Among the Blues’ first 13 players are Brian Toe, Stephen Criston, Jarom Lou, Nathan Crie, Api Corissa, Lim Martin and Isaac Eu.

The Panthers have great success at club level, but that means they are rarely back-to-back in games.

It was a different story in the beginning because the Blues often refused to give an inch and wrote through determined maroon.

Alexander was asked if he had picked a lot of Panthers on the NRL 360, especially on the football front, and if he had finally chosen the wrong team.

But the Blues’ chief adviser felt different.

“I don’t think we have too many penitentiary players,” said Alexander.

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“After beating Queensland 44-12 in the second game, I think everyone on that side should be on their side.

“It’s not about which player you kicked, it’s what the other team is doing in defense and it makes you hit the ball where you don’t want to. That is what Queensland did for us. Repeat sets, errors.

“The mistakes killed us. There were five or six errors in the opening 20 and 25 minutes of the second half. Queensland, in front of their backs and in front of the people at home, was very difficult. It was a tough game to watch. That second half was constantly trying to pull your own test line ball.

“No, I don’t think we picked the wrong players. I think we have chosen the right side after two games. ”

There were also questions about whether Canberra Reds star Jack White would not be selected.

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White was ruled out of the second leg due to Kovid, who starred in one of the Blues’ defeats.

He was fully qualified, but was not selected for the final game.

Finally, Alexander arrived with the belief that the victorious party should not be overly involved.

“Last year we went into this series without two of our best players, Latrell Mitchell and Tom Turbojevich,” said Alexander.

“Centers are constantly changing. We went to Cotton Staggs and Jack for a game. Jack missed Game II because of Covidy. We went to Perth and won QLD 44-12 with Cameron Munster.

“You (Paul Kent) yourself said in an interview last week, ‘It’s hard to change the winning team. I said yes and it was.

“That’s where we went, with the team that won 44-12. The combinations were there, the two were good in the game, it was a different game.

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