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Haaland signing will not make more Man City success a ´foregone conclusion´ – Carragher

“Earling Haland does not guarantee further success for Manchester City,” said Liverpool senior and television researcher Jamie Carragher.

The Norwegian striker has signed a five-year contract with City after agreeing a deal with Manchester City on Monday.

The announcement comes a month after City announced a. 64.2m (€ 75m) deal with Borussia Dortmund.

He has become one of the most feared strikers in the world, scoring 86 goals in 89 games in all competitions at Dortmund Hallland, scoring an average of 84 minutes.

At the same time, only Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski (123 in 108 matches) has scored the most goals among players in Europe’s top five leagues.

City left Sergio Aguero in 2021, although their final campaign in 2020-21 was not formal.

Fans of other clubs could move Holland’s signature City to the next level, and Carragher has acknowledged that such concerns are well-founded, but insists the 21-year-old’s arrival is not a guarantee of great success.

“It’s a worry for the rest of the Premier League,” Carragher told Sky Sports. “We are talking about the greatest people in the world, even at such a young age, but I don’t think anyone should take off the white flag because it’s so exciting to see how the team plays.”

Pep Guardiola has not used a center-forward in the last two years and is still very successful. So it will be interesting to see how he calms down, but from the perspective of the Premier League, I think it is amazing that we are now one of the leading players in the world.

“This is not always the case. So it will be fun to see everyone but trying to stop Manchester City will obviously be a difficult idea.

“The striker is unlikely to make a big difference to City in the Premier League,” Carragher said.

But in the Champions League, when the difference between two legs is not very apologetic, it can be crucial.

“They have a lot of players who don’t play in the middle right now. They keep the ball well and control the game well. Maybe they just lost a little bit. ” “So I do not think that City will win everything.

“They have a great team and a good manager, and I really think it doesn’t matter how much a move to Haland makes. You always get it in the mid-90s for a point, and this is a wonderful job.

“Not only did he make a difference, but in the games he lost a lot, maybe in the Champions League more than in the Premier League.

“It changes, it comes with evolution, it still has a lot to learn, it is a young player. He learns from one of the best coaches in world football. He brings things to the game. But he must remember that he should not change too much. He is what happened. Powerful, fast, achievable goals.

I wonder how it fits in with Pep Guardiola’s style, which is a bit slower and more technical than the football you see in the Bundesliga.

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