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Australia launched a series of tests in Sri Lanka a day later in Galle.

A.D. Tourists, who were beaten 3-0 on their last visit in 2016, rolled to Sri Lanka 212 in 60 Overs before reaching the stump 3-98.

These are speech points one day after the first test.

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Swipson made a statement… But is that enough?

MICHAEL SWEPSON was so close to losing.

It was rumored earlier on Wednesday that John Holland, a swinging veteran, was closer to returning to Australia for a six-year stint than Switzerland.

In the middle of the day, Swipson was sending two near-perfect foot-smokers to pick up wickets on a series of balls.

Sri Lanka suddenly swerved 5-97.

It is hard to remember one last time that a series of best-of-breed shipments sent by an Australian in a test match.

We cannot say for sure if Svepson was created as a test player.

He will continue to be more expensive than his teammates – and may not be consistent in terms of the nature of his work and his high level of experience.

But he should have done so by chance when he fired the likes of Danajaya de Silva and Dennis Chandimal on Wednesday.

Michel Swapson was wearing a hat on Wednesday.
Michel Swapson was wearing a hat on Wednesday.Source Fate-Getty Images

The magic spells that only these wristwatches seem to feel are short-lived. It is possible to suddenly cut the lines of the beating using the right conditions.

Judges are still at Swipson.

On the first day, he showed that he could actually slide, roll, and slide, even though it was not a series of times.

When Nirohan Dikwela started the counter-attack, Swipson was guilty of trying too hard. As a result, there was a significant increase in drag and speed, which relieved some of the pressure.

Spaniard Nathan Lyon, on the other hand, was patient and won the award with five wickets, while Swipson finished with just three wickets.

Former Australian wicket keeper Sippson said he needed to believe the shop ball more, that Lyon believed it and the rest would come.

“All I want is for him to be confident in his spin.

“(It’s time) He tried hard to change, but he slipped. The wicket offers a natural contrast, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

Under these circumstances, Lyon cannot stand.

Leon took just one ball to see what he could do in Sri Lanka on this visit.

The ball was caught, torn, and raised not only to hit the bat, but also to hit the helmet of bamboo wicker keeper Alex Kerry.

At the end of the match, Lyon left the field of play and raised the ball to the crowd and took it 5-90 from 25 games.

He, on the other hand, was a perfect start to the series following a disappointing 2016 visit to Ranga Herat and Australia 3-0.

After that series, Leon spoke to Herat, sharing the wisdom that Leon never forgot.

Nathan Lyon started the series in a brilliant fashion.Source: AFP AFP

“What do you do that I do not do? And he said, ‘If I put the ball in one place, I know you will fill the blocks.’ They were right. ” .au.

And Lyon put the ball in place as many times as possible on Wednesday and won the prize.

The field was spinning straight, but Lyon’s over-rotation proved that the unusual shipment had begun.

That chance created suspicion and created a ball that was in great danger.

Simply put, in the midst of a dynamic swing on Peach, Lyon has never been far from Wicket.

In fact, Lyon took the 20th Five Weeks of the test, and showed interest in the big series.

Do not roll your eyes too fast

All the talk is about Spinners, but Pat Cummins and Michelle Stark should not be completely ignored.

After all, Michael Stark was the Australian wicket changer of that 2016 series and to some extent.

Both played a big role in this series – and both played well in the first test.

Cumins and Starc did not rest on their laurels during the first 90 minutes of the game, harassing most of their opponents.

The ball was not widening or swinging a mile, but Lyon and Swipson were involved in their previous attacks to get the midfield and lower orders to work.

Star rate has increased, and sometimes fluctuating radar is on. Kusal Mendes was awarded a free kick for his second spell.

Cummins, on the other hand, was the usual deceiver when he hit the right places to draw a false shot from Patmos Nisanka.

Leon and Swipson will control the process again in the Second Innings, but it would be better if Sri Lankans did not keep their eyes on Cummins or Stark. They can still make a big impact.

The Great Challenge of Kawaja Resurrection

Osman Kawaja may have re-invented himself in Asia after two major visits to Pakistan, but this is evolving like another beast.

After giving the test for the first time between 2011 and 2017, Kawaja scored an average of only 14.62 on the continent and struggled in Asia.

A.D. As of 2018, his average, after reaching an unbeaten streak at 47 on Wednesday, was 128.66.

That number is much higher than trips to the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, especially the latter.

The scope of work in Sri Lanka, however, is enormous.

That became clear in the final minutes of the Kawaja 86 balls, which survived a series of recent attacks in Sri Lanka.

He had previously been given LBW but his dismissal was revoked by DRS. Kawaja was supposed to be in contention at 36 but Niroshan Dikwela missed the chance.

Khawaja then survived a strong appeal to get the bottom leg side to catch one with DRS again coming in his favor.

Anything from this may not be beautiful, because it is not yet, and it is certain that the Kawaja upgrade will put the final test in terms of driving.

Warning and Labuschagne anxiety is growing.

This was not the beginning that David Warner or Marnes Labushan needed.

Both are not under test pressure, but the longest form of the game is likely to be noticed.

Earlier this year, both of them felt as if they had escaped from a battery paradise in Pakistan, where the average was 34.00 and Warner 33.80.

This feeling grows for the couple on Wednesday, a reminder that races will be very difficult in Sri Lanka.

Wickets have fallen into disrepair and both Warner and Labushagn have disappeared in Sri Lanka.

This was not the beginning that David Warner or Marnes Labushan needed.Source: AFP AFP

Warner may consider himself a little lucky. Ramsh Mendes looked to pick up Stoke’s ball, but Warner slipped past 25 defenders.

The expulsion of the robbers did not help much. He played a loose inverse on the field.

Warner currently has only 26.85 in seven in Sri Lanka, while the average test in Asia is 34.30.

Meanwhile, Labuschagne averages only 26.40 out of 10 innings in Asia.

He scored 90, 0, 44, 0, 36 and now 13 points in his first test against Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Australia’s biggest concern is that by 2022 its flood will extend to all formats.

It has averaged 26.05 in all formats this year and has only played two and a half centuries in 19 balls.

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