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Hungary boss Rossi urges England to stick with Southgate

Hungary boss Marco Rossi has threatened the relegation of the Three Lions with a 4-0 win over Molenix in England after Gareth Southgate beat England.

The sad international break saw England fail to win any of their last four games, with only two goals in two defeats to Hungary against Germany and Italy, thanks to a Harry Kane penalty.

This puts pressure on Southgate as England await the end of this year’s World Cup, with England having two more National League games to play before the team travels to Qatar in September.

Southgate was shouted at by fans after the final defeat, with many calling for change, but Rossi insisted he was still the right man to lead England to the World Cup.

I know he lost 4-0 to Hungary [is hard to take] Not with Brazil or Argentina, ”he told a news conference.

“Even in that case it will be the same for the English people because losing 4-0 on the field is difficult to be accepted by the people, the press, everyone.

But I think Southgate was a very good coach. He gathered a very strong group.

Tonight everything went wrong, but they are still at a high level.

“They just have to follow the track you’ve been following so far, because I’m sure they will give you a lot of joy at the next World Cup. I’m sure of that. ”

England’s defeat at the bottom of Group A3 in September means three points away from the European Championship and four points away from Germany at the end of this year.

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