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India vs England, Stuart Broad over, 35 runs, Jasprit Bumrah, video, highlights

Stuart Broad broadcasts the most expensive of cricket history in AEST Saturday, before England beat India for 416 in Edbuston Day 2.

The vast India began with more than 83 in 377-9.

When six legal transporters were arrested in Bole, they rallied in 35 races to reach India 411-9.

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The Broad Scatter, which ended in numbers 1-54, began with a foul on Jasper Bumera on four points.

Things got worse.

The next ball was wide enough to run over the top of the boomerang.

He came back wide, but this time Bumrah appeared on top of a six-shot hook on the head of a good leg. To make matters worse, he had no ball.

What happened now?
What happened now?Source Fate-Getty Images

The fourth ball – but the second legal delivery – was a full throw, with four tones in the middle, ruthlessly running in front of the rope, before the wide boomera soon found the inside edge of the boom, which saw the speed of the ball go to another four.

Four others followed, with Bumrah falling from his head and swinging to the side of his foot, then making the ball better on the other six.

After collecting 28 runs from Broad himself, Bumrah did what no one else did. The Indian star picked up a tight single with the last ball to continue the strike.

At the end of the day, eight balls were loaded with balls, 35 runs were scored and one world record was broken.

“The Holocaust is bigger than Stuart,” Nasser Hussein said in a statement.

The first was not too expensive for Broad International – Indian Yvraj Singh conceded 36 runs in the 2007 World Twenty20 in six in six in Durban.

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