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Issac Hardman def Beau Hartas, KO video, result, reaction

Increasingly Asi star Isaac Hardman returned to winning ways on Saturday night in a grand first-round tie against Bow Hartas.

In horror scenes, Hartas was cold before a giant Hardman washed his right hand and hit the sail, the lowest finally getting to his feet a few minutes later.

Hardman wanted to make a statement when he finished his first job defeat to Michael Robbery in April, and he did so, hitting him hard and admiring everyone at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center.

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“Beau Hartas has been brutally and brutally removed,” Ben Damon said in a statement.

“Painful, devastating knock”

Once Hartas got back on his feet, replays showed how brutal he was, adding that “that right hand wins anyone in any weight division in the world. That, as you can see, is purer than a stroke. ”

Hardman and Hartas were at the forefront of the common character of the night, but the fight itself was not a competition.

“That was really scary,” Daemon said.

Jeff Feneck added: “We like to watch the playoffs. We like to see serious conflicts. We don’t like to see that. That was scary. ”

“I couldn’t knock the bow,” Hardman said after the fight. “I can’t blame Bow. He is a decent man. He had the courage to enter here when no one else could do it.

“… He hasn’t fought since 2020, he jumped straight into the abyss. Glory to Him. I hope he returns home safely. I know he has two children and a wife, so I made sure we were together tomorrow because I brought VB to share. ”

Hardman improved with 11 KOs to 13-1-0.

“That doesn’t fall for the year,” said Paul Kent in his main event broadcast.

“This was a wonderful knock,” Barry Michael added. “According to Paul, the year is likely to come.

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