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Italy miss out on qualification; reaction, news, analysis, Roberto Mancini

37 games is an unbeaten record.

A team full of real star talent.

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Oh, and they prevented him from coming home, and they brought him to Rome instead.

But now Italy, with its rich football history, is looking forward to the future.

They will not be competing in the World Cup for the second time in a row.

The winner of the 92nd minute, Alexander Trajkovsky of Northern Macedonia, broke the heart of Azuzurini and threw the kitchen sink over his guest in the final minutes of the clash, but to no avail.

When the last whistle blew, the 2.1 million people erupted in joy, and the 60 million living in a boot-shaped country were pure pain.

The feeling of the door is not good for Italy and the Lord knows how much the news will hurt the next morning. Corriere della Sera And Gazette dello Sport.

The situation is somewhat different compared to what happened in 2018, and it is still the same.

Italy He hopes to win a third time in 2026.

Lightning struck twice for the vultures. (Photo by Alberto Piszoli / AFP)Source: AFP

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Italy’s 2018 ‘Apocalypse’ plunges the country into chaos

Five years ago, for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, former Italian Football Federation president Carlo Tavecio said it would be “unfortunate” not to reach the top of football.

For the first time since 1958, Italy lost to Sweden after Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup.

Coach Gian Piero Ventura, who may have had little respect for his reputation from the start, was sentenced.

Gianluigi Buffon, Daniele De Rossi and Andrea Barzagli have all announced their retirement from international football.

Of course, there were no spring chickens, but for three players – as well as for the 2006 squad – the same retirement was a sad way to finish their Italian career.

Lack of staff was not only costly but also a huge financial problem.

The BBC estimates that the national team will lose $ 146 million as well as various bonuses from sponsors.

In addition to their own money, they also had TV and competition prizes.

It also had the potential to negotiate improvements to its own products.

The World Cup will have an additional impact on the country’s economy.

according to RepublicWhen Italy won the tournament in 2006, GDP grew by 1 percent.

That may seem like a small drop in the ocean, but it is worth $ 23 billion.

So, yes, there is a fairly small cost.

But there is always the feeling that sometimes you have to knock down to find out what you really need to move forward.

How the former mayor ‘bought Italy’ from the ashes

Former Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini was appointed in May 2018 in a bid to revive the squad.

And he started a group of thugs.

Italy did not break the UEFA 2020 qualifier for Euro 2020.

They are one of the simplest teams, but the Wanderers have scored 37 goals in ten games, four of which have been scored.

World No. 1 Belgium was the only team with a perfect record in the qualifiers, with Italy entering the tournament fast, but Euro 2020 was delayed by a year due to the epidemic.

Despite its unbeaten run record, Italy did not pay the price, with France, England and Belgium in the final.

Italy, meanwhile, finished the group stage with three wins and three unbeaten games against Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the playoffs, Italy enjoyed a lot of hard work and won only once in the regular season.

Italy coach Roberto Mancini leaves the field.Source: AFP

The extra-time win over Austria in the 16th round of extra-time defeated Belgium in the quarter-finals and everyone admitted that Italy was a tough contender for the trophy.

Mancini’s side beat Spain on penalties in the semi-finals at Wembley Stadium.

Italy still could not beat their opponents in extra time or extra time, but goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma made a brilliant free-kick to deny England a famous victory at home.

This was a victory, as Athletics “He bought Italy because he failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in six decades,” wrote James Hንካnkስልsal.

“In the case of Mancini, the position in the Italian football team is new and more important,” wrote Hንካnkስልs.

“After finishing his 18-year career at Inter, he became Manchester City’s English champions for the first time since 1968 – the year Italy finally became European king.

But this success will bring true success to Manchini.

Qualifying for the World Cup

Italy’s unbeaten run of 37 games comes as the World Cup qualifiers draw to a close.

A.D. The match began on September 10, 2018, after losing 1-0 to Portugal in the UEFA Nations League, and since then the Reds have been perhaps the most feared force in world football.

Italy lost 2-1 in Spain in the semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League on October 6 last year.

Not only did the 37-match unbeaten run come to an end, but it was the first defeat on the field since 1999.

Apart from the Nation League, Italy is still in the group stages of the World Cup qualifiers.

However, in a close look at them, they won four in Group C, drew four from Switzerland and finished second.

He has twice drawn Switzerland, while Northern Ireland and Bulgaria have been criticized for their World Cup qualifiers.

The match against Northern Macedonia ended in a draw.

After the blue T-shirt was shot at, Stol Dimitrovsky failed in all his efforts.

As the Northern Macedonian team celebrated loudly and loudly, the Italian players all fell to their knees.

The rest of Europe is in the throes of another month as they prepare to watch their European rivals compete in the big leagues.

The result means that Italy’s final World Cup qualifier against France will last until 2026.

The reaction from the football world to the defeat was shocking.

Gary Linkinker, former Leicester star and host of the day, tweeted: “Italy’s failure to win the European Championship and not even make it to the semi-finals is a huge and devastating blow.

“Italy will be out of the 2022 World Cup after losing in Russia in 2018,” wrote Guru Fabrizio Romano.

So where is Italy going from here?

Italy will not be in Qatar this year. (Photo by Claudio Villa / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Who knows?

Speaking after the game, Italian captain Giorgio Chilini could not hide his frustration at another World Cup defeat.

“We are very sad,” said Chilini.

We played well but the goal was lost.

“I am proud of my teammates.

“We Are Sad”

“It’s not the right time,” the 37-year-old center-back said.

However, one thing is certain: the boss’s immediate future prospects.

I hope Coach Mancini will continue.

Manchini did not want to make any promises about what would happen next, but one thing he was sure of was that “as human beings, my love for them has grown even more tonight.”

He may feel it is too early to say whether Italy should make plans and start over.

Not making the 2018 World Cup a big mistake.

Mancini has done what is necessary and will be a crucial lesson for any interested center-back, with the relegation-threatened side winning the Champions League with a stunning defense.

But by the end of the day, World No. 6 still could not beat World No. 67.

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