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Panthers coach Ivan Crie has been ruled out of the 14th round, with the Premier League winner sitting on his leg bleeding.

According to Ninth Weedler, Clyri spent time with medical professionals in the ICU.

“At this point in my life, Ivan’s situation is not really serious,” says Wedler.

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“He missed three games this year.

I can tell you that he was in the ICU last week. So it is very important for Ivan Clyri and Panthers.

Fortunately, Clyri is expected to return to the squad on Tuesday.

“He’s receiving treatment for all of that and fortunately he’s back home now … hoping to work with the Panthers tomorrow,” Widler said.

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Clyri has handed over the reins to the Panthers in the 14th round of the Panthers by assistant coach Cameron Cialdo.

The 51-year-old, who is the Panthers’ head coach, is approaching 200 games and is set to add 154 to the Warriors and 43 to the Tigers.

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