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Jack Ginnivan high free kicks, stats, ducking, drawing free kicks, David King defends him, Leigh Montagna calls for rule change

North Melbourne legend David King has launched a strong defense to protect his son from polarization in the wake of a dispute over his son’s ability to draw free kicks.

Ginnivan scored two free kicks in a thrilling return match against North Melbourne on Saturday.

Eesendon legend Matthew Lloyd was inspired to say that he believes he is unsure of how to handle the AFL referees, who have received the most free kicks from any player this year. Horn-Francis, James Rowe, Joel Salude and Matt Rowell (all 12).

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Speaking on Fox Foot First crack, He called on King to stop in Geneva for his ability to highlight the relationship, which is a “skill.”

“I think Jack Ginivan is nailed to what he is trying to get in AFL football. I think the villains should get behind this man, ”he said.

“There are a lot of skills in our game – competitive markers, filter players, hacker markers, men who store 30-35 touches – and we appreciate all of this. He got a stroke.

There is technique, there is skill, there is a real ability to play the game, because he always wins the football that is competing there – something people are forgetting – he is showing his hand forward 50 times and it is challenging. To get opponents right.

“If the opponents are good enough to get the point, it’s a penalty every day of the week. If they make a mistake and score a goal – they have scored 28 goals this year, they are having a great season, and nine of the 28 free kicks have come – Fair Play.

He should not play with rules that are unique to him, he can play with rules that have been around for 100 years, and tell your story if you are wrong.

King’s position was challenged by two All-Australian Lay Montana, who said, “You are a leading advocate for concert and player injury.”

“You say it doesn’t matter if a player puts his head in the game every week. Long-term seizures? ” Great saints rose up.

But King Ginnivan believes in how to manage and earthquakes are two different issues.

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“I’m talking to Jack here about a set of skills. I say stop the abuse because it’s a skill,” he said.

“What he is doing now is in the rules of the game, in the spirit of the game. You may hate him and you may miss one or two simple goals, but what he is doing is challenging the teams in an unusual way.

“So don’t go to him about it. He’s using opposition players as a tactic to reward himself.

Unlike Geneva, in particular, the Montana AFL has called for a change in the rules surrounding penalty kicks and starters.

“Should we publish this? And every time the player starts the contact, falls on his knees, raises his arm, the referee only calls the game. In six weeks we will make the players stop doing this.

“I want to see this rule come out. Not only Geneva, but many young players are now competing. Seal it out.

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But King insisted that it was simply a “smart” game, and in Guinea’s case, he was trying to find a solution.

“I think the judges are constantly being corrected,” he said.

“We always change the rules because players and coaches are starting to take advantage.

“We deliberately changed the law by running backwards because in the 2008 Grand Prix Hawthorn continued to pass the ball, we had to make changes.

“We can change this rule, but now this boy has surpassed the system, and I say fair play, good luck to you.

“I think you have to get behind him, I think he had a wonderful year. Craig McCrey is very pleased with this result.

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