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Jack Harlow posts about footy, who is he, rapper, goal umpire outfits, wears Fremantle bucket hat

If you have ‘US rapper Jack Harlow’ and ’90s goal referee fashion fan’ on your bingo card this week, congratulations, you’ve won.

The hip-hop star behind hits like Industry Baby and First Class is currently touring Australia and has quickly fallen in love with footy. Especially to dress in a way to score goals.

(By the way, if you don’t know who Harlow is, you’re not alone — two NBA referees They were discussing the fact that they had never heard of him past season)

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Harlow wore a Fremantle bucket hat for a show in Perth on Wednesday night, but that wasn’t the end of his footy fandom – it was the beginning.

On Thursday morning, he posted several AFL highlights – Tony Lockett’s backhand to put Sydney in the 1996 Grand Final and Peter Dykos’ famous goal against West Coast – but focused more on the “fit” of goal judges.

He, understandably, wants to bring back the old-fashioned white coat and hat.

Jack Harlow, the footy fan?Source: FOX SPORTS

“I can’t sleep watching AFL highlights. That referee qualification is insane,” Harlow posted.

“Too hard,” he added with a detective emoticon and two fingers pointing in one direction.

It is not clear if Harlow is trying to cheer on other city footy fans by wearing other clubs’ shirts or if he is a loyal Fremantle supporter.

Does Fyfe think he should play forward or move back to midfield?

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