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Jack Riewoldt mic’d up video, Richmond vs West Coast, highlights, sledges Jack Petruccelle, sucks up to umpire

From swearing to “sucking the referee,” football fans have been given a glimpse of what it would be like to play with Richmond star Jack Realt.

The champions were tied to a microphone during the Tigers’ win over the West Coast on Sunday, with some of the highlights of Monday night’s Fox Foot show.

Check out Jack Riyadh’s highlights on the video player above!

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First, in On the couchRowldt’s cousin Nick Jack has indicated that he is “sucking on the referee” as Eagles defender Tom Barras holds the ball.

“Great call,” said Jack.

Nick jokingly replied: “Great call, the judge. Now I know you are wearing a mic, you know you are wearing a mic, I was with you on Christmas Day to know that you will never tell a good judge.

“so funny”

And then AFL 360Riewoldt was seen attacking West Coast speedster Jack Petrukl after a 50-meter free kick.

“Hey Jack, that’s a penalty of 35 meters by 50 meters. You do not want to miss out now. You were hoping to get a little closer! “Riewoldt told Petrusel.

“Dance it! You are the fastest block in AFL, dance it! ”

Jack Riewoldt was Mike during Richmond vs West Coast.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

Riewoldt was seen talking to the Leopard’s quarterbacks, including Tom Lynch, Dustin Martin, Shane Edwards and Maurice Riolane.

“I think the other one is a little hesitant,” he said.

“They talked to the backs, they were playing upwards, and we looked around and said, ‘Yeah, I have to go back to him.’

“Go to your man. Go to your man.

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