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Jack Silvagni dropped for Carlton Blues, game against Adelaide Crows, Round 20 teams, selection statement, reactions, response, Marc Pittonet return, Michael Voss

Carlton’s bold selection call to drop Jacques Sylvain for the clash with the Crows has sparked debate in the football world.

Silvagni has been sent to the VFL while Blues recruit Mark Pitonet makes his first senior appearance since round 16 and small forward Matt Owis returns for Saturday night’s Adelaide Oval showdown.

Silvagni comes as he has emerged as one of Carlton’s most important players in recent years, including playing 17 games for Michael Voss’s side in 2022, averaging 14.8 disposals and 5.5 goals against in 15 games.

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But the seventh-placed club are always faced with a selection problem in the Pitonet inclusion this week, as Tom de Congin will play forward with Charlie Curnow and Harry McKay in a three-pronged attack.

However, journalist Sam McClure argued that Silvagni could have moved up the pitch and played as a half-forward, inside midfielder or even as a half-back.

“The misprint in Carlton’s teams and one of the emergencies was his name … I’m very angry,” McClure said of Silvagni’s actions on 3AW’s. Sports day.

I think he’s in their top six players and he plays everywhere. Moreover, he is the heart and soul (player).

Brownlow medalist Gerard Healy said it showed “the ferocity of the game” but was more reflective of the Blues’ positional needs.

“You can be in the top six, he’s not dropped in form, the reason he’s dropped is because he’s got a higher man,” he said.

“I feel for Jack, he’s had a great year and he’s done a great job when Carlton needed him. But it’s a brutal sport and you’re going to play three tall and he’s that hybrid.

“It’s just that the three young lads want to keep the ball inside the 50, it doesn’t mean Jack won’t do it.”

Silvagni is cast (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)Source: FOX SPORTS

The Fox Footy pundits also weighed in on the son of a gun’s incredible ax.

Double All-Australian Leigh Montagna called Silvagni “unlucky”, but said he understood the move from a structural point of view, “unleashing a three-headed monster” in attack.

“Geez, if you thought the competition was worried about McKay and Curnow, now you’ve got De Kong sitting on top of them and floating there. It’s going to be scary, it’s a real X-factor for the Blues,” Montagna said. AFL 360 Plus.

“It might take a few games to work out, but I’d love to get Pitonet back for the playoffs.”

Fellow St Kilda legend Nick Riewoldt believes it’s a good move from Voss to keep his side hungry for a home run.

“It’s great to be able to increase the team’s focus,” said Michael Voss.

When a heart and soul player like Silvagni, who tries every week, fails, it reverberates through the team. You’re going to get organic lift and accountability within the team rather than just dropping the player from a selection point of view.

North Melbourne great David King said on SEN radio that he “couldn’t (drop) it off” while others shared their thoughts on social media, wondering if it could be a harmless typo.

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