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Jackson Hastings, Luke Brooks, Adam Doueihi, Wests Tigers vs Parramatta Eels, Round 17

Tigers half-time defender Jackson Hastings has responded to Adam Duhai’s request for a fifth-place finish, considering the club’s best half-time combination.

During the week, rumors surfaced that Doihe 6 wanted Malia from Luke Brooks and that he had pleaded with interim coach Brett Kimmore to replace him.

Brooks showed his team up and down in 28-20 defeats to Els, with two attempts and four errors.

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Hastings was asked about the three players in the lodge when he was asked for two halves in the club and dropped his support behind Brooks.

Hastings said: “I have to be here too, so I’m trying to cement myself at the club.

“It’s no secret that the three of us want to play in the semi-finals. I feel sorry for the coaches who choose the team every week.

“Luke has been the cornerstone of this club for many years and he is wearing a fax for all of us who are members of this club. So he is my favorite person to raise my hand.

“I thought the game was over, especially. Helped with two attempts.

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Brett Kimmore and Jackson Hastings.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

He was very busy tonight but this is not my call.

“I will fight for my future like the other players in that dressing room.

“Whatever happens to the club in the future is the club’s decision, but as players we have to put our best foot forward in practice and take whatever the coaching staff rolls over.

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Parramatta Eels Press Release | 03 ፡ 47

But I like to play with Brooks. He is the one who allows me to play my game and I thought I would let him play this year too.

“I thought he played well, especially in the second half, and he had a calming head.

I was running around trying to get some points, and I thought he played really well because he had a real calming effect.

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