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Jacob Saifiti dream debut, NSW Blues vs QLD Maroons, game three, decider, try

Bubble star Jacob Seifiti made an impressive start to his first half at the Suncorp Stadium.

Saifiti’s selection for the three games was a shock, but it did more than convince Brad Fatler and silenced doubts over his first 40 appearances.

Safety had 78 meters, four toy buses, a line break, a test and five tackles in its original life.

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Saifiti came on the field in the 24th minute and set up an impressive first-half finish that ended in a crucial first-half attempt.

Saifiti’s 32nd-minute effort from the edge of the box found the back of the net to give the Blues a 12-6 lead.

“Is there something to cook here? You bet! Jacob Safety scored for NSW, ”Mat Thompson said on Channel 9.

“His brother scored one goal last season and now he’s trying to score.”

Andrew Jones praised the start of the game from the Blues Super Team.

“What a start for Safety,” Jones said.

“Jacob Saifiti, we talked about his impact after he came on the field, his first carry is amazing. He is now on the test-point list.

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In the first game for the Blues, Jacob Seifiti scored.Source approached

“Api Koroisau, the real reason Brad Fetler brought him to this football team came from AP Koroisau.

“Like that hidden movement, turn left, turn left, turn right. Isolating the defender to an adult. James Safety, he is a happy blue.

At some point, Blues coach Brad Fitler came in from the coach’s box and was asked about safety.

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“NSW Coach Brad Fittler, good time to come to you, Brad Thompson.

“He was brilliant.

I think he saw the first four or five runs and said, ‘If I get this eclipse one by one, it’s a good opportunity.’

“It was a good job for both of them.”

Social media exploded with experts and professionals for fear of Safety’s first job.

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