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Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis live updates, stream, results, full card, how to watch, highlights

Jai Opetaia and Mairis Briedis will be well paid for their problems because the two will finally have a chance to connect with each other.

Opetaya (21-0, 17KO) takes over Bridis (28-1, 20KO) for the IBF and Ring magazine’s Crusher Balance articles.

Follow them all from Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis in the live blog below!

Bradis, a three-time world champion, presented Gargauntu’s victory over Opetaya.

The Crusher Weight Division struggles to get a lot of attention, especially since one part of the weight is less than heavy weights.

However, Bradis and Opetaya understand that they will increase that trend in terms of their payday.

Brididis is expected to raise $ 1 million, and Opetaya will put more than six people in its pockets.

It is also understood that their own bags are all-inclusive.

Watch Jai Opetaia v Mairis Briedis fight for IBF and Ring Magazine Cruiserweight Titles. Saturday, July 2 from 7PM AEST live on Kayo Sports and Foxtel. Order Now>

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AUSSIE Star confirms the first title of the night

Tyla Robertson was the first OCC to set a world record by winning the IEVF Super-Fly Balance World Cup for Venezuela’s Yoseline Fernandez.

Robertson led Fernandez before the referee made the final whistle.

The 24-year-old excelled from start to finish and rose to a 6-1 record.

Kiwi Star Wild Walcott once again impressed

David Nika wore the best walk when he wore George Campus and Davin Honey’s Bobby face and was on Maris Briedis vs Jai Opetaia undercard.

Kiwi played a full-fledged costume to continue to impress Disney with everything, but there was nothing childish about his performance.

Nika survived an earlier attack by Louis Marseille in a cross-country battle to end the TKO.

As Nika improved 4-0, he was kicked in the knee and the referee was shot in the head.

Opportunities will always be in your favor

It is no secret that Opetaya was involved in the struggle.

The fight, the 27-year-old is recovering from rib surgery for the second time since October 2020, leaving two scars on Bridis’ target.

Aside from physical ailments, betting markets offer little hope for Opeta, although there is no doubt that Australia wants to make the most of those who decide to support it in Latvia.

According to Sport, Opetaya is a $ 2.6 million winner compared to the popular Bridis.

But the 37-year-old is paying $ 2.55 to win through KO / TKO, a worrying sign.

Full battle card

Mairis Briedis vs Jai Opetaia – World Cup titles for IBF and Ring Magazine

Issac Hardman vs Beau Hartas – Medium weight

Faris Chevalier vs Conor Wallace – Light-weight

Joel Camilleri vs Koen Mazoudier – Australian Super-Welter Balance title for WWS Oceania and WBC

Tyla Robertson def Yoselin Fernandez in the 10th round of TKO – World Youth title for IBF super-flight weight

Dana Coolwell def Lorenz Ladrada through TKO in 4th round – feather weight

David Nika def Louis Marseille through TKO in Round 2 – Crusher Weight

Miles Zalevsky def Shiva Mishra on RTD in 6th round – feather weight

Live blog

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