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Jaidyn Stephenson responds to criticism after loss to Collingwood Magpies, defensive efforts, injury, career at crossroads

Kangaroo Jaid admitted that Stephen was “responsible” for the injury at the end of the game and responded to critics who questioned his competitiveness in Saturday’s defeat at Collingwood.

After losing to his former team, Stephen led the North with 26 points and three quarters but met with strong criticism.

Former AFL coach Ross Leon called Stephen a “non-competitive” and asked him to be a full-fledged professional footballer, but Power said he did not accept any contact with Ken Cornes.

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Stevenson said that foot and back issues played a role, although he did not shy away from criticism.

North Melbourne Press Release | 13 ፡ 13

Stephen said: “I think everyone who commented has had more results than I do and it hurts. He spoke to 9 news..

You have to be strong and maybe negative stories sell better than positive stories.

The unfortunate thing, I guess, is that these reporters are commenting on why an event is happening without elaborating on the details or circumstances.

The defeat eventually forced Stephen out of the MGG quarter-finals, with Collingwood filling in at home and giving the Reds a 14th straight straight defeat.

While the club is awaiting results, it underwent a scan on Monday to determine the severity of the injury.

“I couldn’t compete properly in those races and that was because of the pain in my legs and back,” Stephen said.

I ran and said, ‘I’m leaving the house, I’m a little responsible here right now.’

Northern coach David Noble was less ruthless in evaluating Stephen’s performance.

“I didn’t really think his game was that bad. Maybe I’m in the middle of the game,” Noble told 3 AW.

“When I had the balance and the recovery and the opportunities, I was very comfortable with the place he was playing at this time.

Stephenson and Jack Ginivan clash (photo by Robert Cianflon / Getty Images)Source fall-FOX SPORTS

Stephenson has been sacked several times this year and is now on the defensive.

Responding to Stephen’s comment on Channel 9 Leg assignedCornish “admired” young Ru for his “face” to the media and his “loyalty” to his performance, but doubled his criticism.

“It’s not just a game, it’s a disappointment,” he said.

“I was a big fan of Stephen, I thought he was as good as any other player in the game – he scored 38 goals in his first year and since then he has been on a downward spiral.

“The question I want to ask him is, ‘Do you think you are doing everything you can to be the best player you can, and you want to?’

You have to go there even with pelvic pain (in the fourth quarter with Collingwood) and the heaviest players in the game go through this.

“That’s right, he was responsible for the weekend. I want to know if you are interested enough and want to do AFL work? Because you are now at a crossroads.

Kangaroos spoiled earlier in Guinea | 00:41

Cornell’s position was challenged by journalist Sam McLurler:

“He was a very good player in his youth and now they have taken him to the crossroads of his career. I think that’s taking him a long way,” he said. Leg assigned.

However, Eisenon’s great Matthew Lloyd supported Cornelius’ view.

I think yes (the profession is at the crossroads). He didn’t work in front of you because you have to win your own ball. ”

But they will try to get him back into the goal zone, and if he doesn’t work as a defender, they may lose the place to play.

“He has to ask himself tough questions about the case and get himself into the shooting range during training.”

Stephen is in the second season of a $ 2.5 million five-year deal with the North after trading with the Magpies at the end of the 2020 season.

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