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After being reminded of the blues, Jack Trbojevich performed a full-fledged show in front of the center.

The eagle executive was emotionally removed from the Fittler team under a heavily guarded opening.

Now, having won the Blues’ 44-12 win over Perth, Trobojevich has put on a “lion’s heart” show and Fox League expert Cooper Crony Manley believes he has a choice for the next 10 years.

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“Jack Turbojevich is that rock, he’s that granite in the middle. He may not combine three attempts, but he saves three attempts.”

“Those meters are all combined so that Clyri and Tedesco get the ball in a better position to do their own thing.

“I dare say that Jack Trbojevich has been nominated for NSW for the next ten years through his efforts tonight.

“Many don’t talk about him, but tonight Jack Trobojevich’s return to NSW was the ultimate goal,” said Fox League teammate Michael Inis.

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“He was a stone in the middle. In that first half, some of his defensive efforts, his speed and the willingness behind Lynsey Collins, Josh Papali and Tino Faasumalei were courageous.

Jack was terrified tonight.

NRL experts point out why the untouchables in the Trbojevic game should be chosen.

Fox League spokesman Yonon Samson described the value of the NSW team, while Michael Inis said he was a “perfect teammate.”

“He does all sorts of non-fashionable things, he crosses an unknown mountain, he is an unsung hero, he leads the defensive line and he is a very lion,” he said.


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“Claret was leaking out of his mouth, but he invested in the result for his team-mates, and when we first saw Queensland dominate at different levels in Game 1, he was there, especially in the middle, for all those times,” said Michael Inis.

“Let it be a strong load, to go offline and to set the criteria for that six set and to change the pace of defense.

“Look at him here, a rough bush, going to war for only 80 minutes.

He is the perfect teammate and you can see how contagious he is tonight, just set the standard.

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