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Southern coach Jason Dimetrio was outraged by the question mark over his decision to link up with the Dragons in a 32-12 win over Laklan Elias 29 minutes later.

It was an unforgettable night for Elias after the break in the first half, and the South fell out of the park less than half an hour before the 7th.

Despite the South’s 12-0 win in the final 50 minutes, Demetrius was still trying to set the stage for the opening half.

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“No,” he said when asked if Dimitri could make any sense in the first half of the show.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“The dragons came to play with credit and they ran hard and only our discipline killed us.

“He started the game by mistake and just then the pearl was engraved fairly.

“It was a 20-minute break for 12 times. We couldn’t find any ground. We couldn’t get the ball; unfortunately we couldn’t stop them from scoring.

Matthias Jones described Demetrius’ decision to take Elias before the holiday as “unfair.” Dimitri said the decision was to bring energy and experience to key areas, but said he spent half his back in a bad night in the office.

“I would sit with Lachi for a while, but the team was under the pump,” Demetri said.

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Cameron Murray and Jason Dimetrio.Source: FOX SPORTS

“Blake gives us some energy, so I was trying to get a response there.

“Cody Nikorima has experience there and maybe we need some experience there. That was a thought.

“It was good for us. There is no doubt about it.

“I haven’t spoken to him yet but I’m sure he’s upset.”

When asked if Demetrius would talk to Elijah about his decision during the break, he shouted.

“No, we have been for a while, but I can say nothing now, nothing,” said Dimitri.

“We just sit and pass.

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Laclan Ilias wrapped up 29 minutes later.Source: FOX SPORTS

“We are in 14 games. We will go through our preparation and how we finished the first half.

But not on it. The group was trying to find an answer.

The first half was not for Lachlan Elias.

With the idea that the dimmer would be difficult to turn back on Ilias’ call.

“it is?” Dimetrio said.

“I don’t think so. I think it’s part of your learning.

“I don’t think he was the first person in the office to have a bad day.

“It was not by itself. He has great resilience. It has good character. He learns from him. ”

Journalist Elias continued to ask if it was still a long way for the South, and Dimitri was upset.

“Is that what you are asking for?” Dimitri was furious.

“I have no doubt that you will be 100 per cent long-term.

What about a baptized beginner? | 01:06

But again, in the last two years he has not played any football and has played 14 games in his NRL career and we have lost 20-chance.

“It is not fair to expect that he will get us out of this.

“We had some experience putting Black Café in there with Cody Nicorima, who played in some big games and that today.

“She’s going to be there next week and she’ll be going again.”

Southampton boss Cameron Murray is frustrated by his side’s mistakes and lack of discipline.

“We have doubled our mistakes,” Murray said.

“Our discipline was not in place and our defense was not strong enough.

“We’ll see him better.”

32-0 Half an hour later the Dragons bury the Browns. 01:05

After scoring zero runs and zero meters in the first half, the South Captain revealed his thoughts behind the call.

“It was difficult to leave where we were,” Murray said.

“Everyone was very tired in our defense.

“I went out and tried to calm down a bit and regain my breath and try to bring a little energy in the second half.”

Murray South said that in the first half of the Dragons’ attack, they did not want to return to the battlefield on foot.

“I don’t think there’s anything special about that,” Murray said.

“It’s about putting some teams together and defending well together and bringing the other team back into the fray.

“Hard work takes us out and we can’t get into the fight.

Flech and Hindi awakened Hindi trick | 07 ፡ 07 07

“We could not find the discipline where it was needed.”

Demetrius ‘side were furious with the Dragons’ retaliation for the fifth penalty.

“We were trying to calm the storm and we got a big crowd in the 40’s and gave the fifth penalty kick,” Dimmetri said.

“We had three-fifths of the penalty in the backyard. They’ll just kill you.”

“When you try to get yourself back into the game and for whatever reason you can’t be clean on the fifth floor and let them miss you.
“Back-to-back collections have accumulated and fatigue has become a problem.”

However, Dimetri said that their team’s season was not limited to one qualifier.

“That was not the first half,” said Demetrius.

“As soon as the ice broke out and we tried harder, the damage was worse because there was no discipline.

“There are players in the squad who are ready to play but not on mass changes. It’s really about getting on the field and sticking together.

“We are a good side and we will show that next time.”

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