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Jasper Philipsen celebrates wildly finishing second, ashamed, video, highlights

Belgian Wutt Van Ert took a tour of the Tour de France to win four and take the lead in the swashbuckling style on Tuesday.

After finishing second in each of the first three stages in Denmark, the Jumbo-Wissma man finally won the race in eight seconds from the fast-paced Peloton, who crossed the finish line in Calais.

Van Ert’s masterpiece was a memorable one that lasted a long time in his memory and corrected the frustration of his three narrow defeats.

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Van Ert said: “It seems impossible, the shirt gave me wings.

“But we had 50 points for GC and the green jersey today,” said the general manager.

“They say they’re lucky for the third time, but for me it was the fourth.”

There was no luck.

After capturing 160 miles[160 km]by two escapees, the Van Ert Jumbo team and Adam Yats Inios attacked a short, steep hill 10 miles from their home.

Dressed in a shiny yellow robe as a runner, Van Ert tirelessly finished the stone first and alone.

Belgian Beast Breaks Four | 01:07

He then climbed to a speed of 8 km / h at 55 km / h, waving his arms in a humorous flight.

“This is a special and special time,” said Van Ert.

Alpine’s horseman Jasper Phillipson won the race for the second time, believing that he had won the race.

“It’s a shame for Philpson, we should not laugh at him,” said Van Ert. Phillips soon learned the painful truth.

“I thought I had won for five seconds. It seems ridiculous to watch replay games in the years to come. ” He said.

“We were a little bit back on the hill and I didn’t see them running away,” he said.

“I honored and now I am ashamed.”

Van Ert led world number one Eve Lampert with 25 seconds, followed by reigning champion Tadeg Pokacar with 32 seconds.

He also wore the best young rider white jersey.

The 23-year-old Slovenian, who is running for the Emirates, said:

Jumbo pair Jonas Wingegard and Primoz Roglich are sixth and seventh in 38 seconds and 40 seconds respectively.

“I look forward to helping Primoz and Jonah tomorrow,” said Van Ert.

Ineos Trio Yats, Tom Pidcock, and Gerald Thomas hid for a few seconds after the Jumbo men.

Dane Magnus Court Nielsen showed off his talents on the first day in France after winning the Danish Grand Depot.

Once again, he won most of the climbing points and became the King of the Mountains.

His escape companion, Anthony Perez, of Cofidis, was courtesy of Curt Nielsen on the other side of Marsh, the canals and beautiful villages, and was awarded the most powerful ride of the day.

Many fans celebrated the 40th anniversary of the birth of Belgian horseman Philip Gilbert.

“If you told me I lived here 10 years ago, I would never believe it,” said Gilbert.

Wednesday’s 157-kilometer-long, 20-kilometer-long bone-laying road from Lil to Arenburg is in line with Van Ert.

The rankings may be critical to the overall position among GC competitors.

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