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Queensland marons may want to get closer to home if they want to get the most out of their hometown.

Meanwhile, the dismissal of the Titans’ chief executive, Clinton Hore, has put pressure on Gold Coast coach Justin Holbrook.

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The real starting point – and it’s not Leah Martin.

If Blues fan Liam Martin – as the Queensland media calls it – I am an astronaut if the new Paul Gallen.

In front of NSW, everyone on the north side of the Tweed River labeled “two heads” and Galen became the chief executive of the Blues and hated all Queensland.

But you have to line up against Martin Queensland striker Felix Kaufussi’s match review committee and justice rap paper on Sunday night to find out who the real villain is playing in State of Origin II.

Cafusi has been banned for five weeks for nine different offenses, compared to Martin for three weeks and suspended for a total of one match.

Eighth Immortal Joy Jones says Kafusi is buying a lottery ticket after missing the 14th round suspension of Sam Walker.

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Liam Martin has been charged with felony criminal mischief.Source fall-provided

If there is anyone who is qualified to talk about playing hard in the Original of the Origins, the champion is NSW and Australian front rower Steve Rows.

‘Blogger’ He came out with the strong nose of the Marons in the 1980s and early 1990s and could not help but laugh at the barbs thrown at him by blues runner Martin.

“If Lim Martin is trying to be rude, they should look at their backyard. There is no competition when you put Martin Felise on Cafusi. See their records. Case closed ”

Kafcup rap paper in front of Maruns makes an ugly reading – two chicken wings, head-scratching, grapefruit and seven other serious allegations of assault.

Referee Ashley Klein returns to game 01:35

There are also stumbling blocks and high maintenance fees.

Martin still has El-Plates compared to Kafisi.

The Blues defender has only been suspended for a week, and the other two charges are for assaulting the opponent’s head and his relationship with football.

You know it’s time to dump her and move on to the media.

It’s all part of the theater and involves raising the issue at hand.

Felise Kaufusi has a valid rap paper when he comes to the match review committee.Source: Getty Images

Titans makes the holocaust nerve

The Gold Coast Titans quietly bid farewell to Chief Executive Officer Clinton Horen, who was a close ally of head coach Justin Holbrook.

The Titans’ biggest disappointment of 2022 is that the move is seen as a warning that everyone in the club is under pressure.

The 13th immortal Mal Meninga has been seen on weekly trips from Canberra to the Gold Coast with Holbrock.

Gold Coast are currently bottom of the NRL, having won three of their last 15 games.

In fairness, the Titans lost just $ 1.2 million in six games, and David Gunfeld and Young Gunman Jayden Campbell managed just seven NRL games, but it’s hard to imagine how poor they were.

Last year’s final at the Gold Coast was a two-week stand-off with good reason, but he missed out on what could have gone wrong.

It was a recruitment mistake to allow Captain Jamal Fogarti to join the Canberra robbers.

Fita returns for the Titans ‘Round of 16 title with Newcastle, but there is no doubt that the Titans’ top manager, Hore, will be fired.

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Justin Holbrook is feeling the heat.Source: Getty Images

Crawe and Bennett locking horns on a burger

Wayne Bennett and Russell Crowe discuss Sam Berges’ situation with the Dolphins and South Sydney

The Browns initially wanted to take over at Berges next year, but the Dolphins demanded Bennett’s right-hand man, and South Sydney ruined the offer.

Burgess went to the Dolphins to be one of Bennett’s assistants until he saw the property in Brisbane last week.

But South and the Crown, in particular, are reluctant to lose it.

Superintendent Bennett and Gladiator have been good friends in coaching Redford’s seven-time Premier League winner.

Berges is believed to have been ripped off for the next step. For the time being, his coaching team is focused on the Axemen Valley in the Coff Harbor Orara Valley, north of NSW.

Axum have won six times and are top of the table with just one defeat.

If Sam lands on the coaching staff, it will be a big coup.

Wayne Bennett and Russell Crow want Sam Berges at the club.Source: AAP

Sharks Club new contract for Moilan

Kronula sharks close in on Matt Moylan’s new two-year contract

Earlier this month, 31-year-old Moylan played every game for the Sharks this season and sealed his new contract with a rubber stamp during his 14th-round clash with Coffee Harbor.

After just three seasons of injury, having managed just 34 NRL matches, Moylan made the major career decision to accept a $ 450,000 haircut this season and has helped himself to a new deal.

The Sharks initially only saw a one-year extension, but the way he has played all 14 games this year and his application for training has surprised everyone in the Cronol.

Expect Moylan’s new contract to be worth around $ 800,000, a two-year contract.

It is a clever game developed by sharks in the way he developed his relationship with Niccho Heine.

Matt Moylan is set to stay in Cronula.Source: Getty Images

Collins’ decision was a lottery.

Many good judges are shaking their heads at how Russter and Queensland striker Lincoln Collins escaped a crucial penalty shoot-out at the Els Center Waka Blake in the 15th round.

In the eighth round, the Blues were hit by two dangerous throwing charges and after two weeks of suspension, Raiders star Jack White was very similar to the Warriors fullback Reece Walsh.

Lucky Lindsay Escaped | 00:31

Conspiracy theories suggest that Collins received only one room fee and a $ 2,500 fine, so the Roosters prop had a living room for Origin II next to the Maroons State of Origin.

By no means do we want to convey that we recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Lindsay Collins vs vs Jack Wighton.Source: FOX SPORTS

All bites no bite

We laughed so hard that our former Sparring partner, Dean Bulldog Rich, was on the line at Luke Brooks to shoot at West Tiger.

This is a journalist who long ago complained about the fact that he was sick and tired of catching Jorno’s other jerseys because of Kalin Ponga’s contract Fasico.

Remember that?

The Cavaliers were emotionally upset by Kalin Pongan’s contract. The riders emotionally renewed the agreement.

Is on. No, no, wait, it’s gone. Hold the phone, it is back on.

For the record, we, the West Leopard decision makers, called on Tuesday morning to find out how we handled the information about Brooks’ fall.

Your speeches at the club will remain private.

Brooks was scheduled to meet with interim coach Brett Kimmore More on Tuesday in Concord, but this was canceled due to other media coverage.

Brooks will now meet with Kimmorley on Thursday to discuss the next steps for the West Tigers.

Monday night’s plan was for the Tigers to drop it.

Luke Brooks is said to be coming down.Source: Getty Images

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