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Jordan De Goey, Bali video, Collingwood statement, apology, Mark Robinson comments, contract

AFL 360 Coordinator Mark Robinson believes that Collingwood should have been severely punished for their actions in Bali.

De Goy has been fined $ 25,000 by the end of 2022 pending his conduct. In a statement and press release, Pisces spoke with CEO Mark Anderson, saying De Goy’s actions “showed a lack of respect for women.”

Speaking on AFL 360, Robinson’s response to the issue was difficult from both Collwoodwood and the AFL.

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“I was amazed that AFL and Collingwood (no more). The way Mark Anderson spoke first in his press conference and then uttered very strong and powerful words, but his actions did not support his words. ”

“A $ 25,000 suspended fine, not a penalty, is a ‘repayment’ penalty.

“Okay, he may not do it again, so what is the punishment? Collingwood is a very serious talk, but the actions are not exactly right.

Robinson said the response from League and Peace could easily upset women in and around the industry.

“I was really upset at AFL, I was incredibly sad. Don’t sit there, AFL and Collingwood, and tell everyone in your soapbox that respecting women is paramount and then control your punishment.

“What should women think about this? I wish we had a table for 10 women now and see what they think about today’s event, and see what they really think … Volleyball teams, to get in and ‘What’s going on?’ What is going on here? How many opportunities does this person have in life? ‘

A more appropriate punishment would be a flat fine of $ 25,000, rather than a ban, Robinson said.

De Goi’s co-host Gerard Wiley has also changed the atmosphere around the club, which has already been praised by the AFL world for his impressive line-up.

Main De Goey act Pies could not stand it | 00:57

“The last time we saw Collingwood they were floating, that is the best word I can think of. They continued to breathe, they regrouped and their club was surrounded by a single player and although he did not, they all faced this issue for the past two days.

“If this is made of pearls, it will not be difficult to estimate the level of resentment there.

“I’m sure it will be one if they all come together and win games and advance to the finals. I think these weeks are very stressful for Collingwood.

Weley added that Collwoodwood had suspended contract talks with De Goy until the end of the year and that he had raised his earlier claim that he and himself would be punished.

The 26-year-old has become a key topic of discussion for De Goi’s future, with no free agent beyond 2022.

According to reports, De Goy could offer a five-year contract elsewhere, but Robinson said the offer was irresponsible.

“Journalists and media outlets are claiming that five years is worth $ 800,000. He is not. ”

“There is no responsible club for five years for $ 800,000. If they do, they quit their job, they are not doing their job properly.

Take him out of the club for five years because that will not happen.

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