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Jordan De Goey Bali video, Nathan Buckley comments, Collingwood statement, contract negotiations, salary, Best On Ground

Former Collwoodwood coach Nathan Bookley Jordan de Goy made a mistake on his way to Bali in the middle of the club’s season.

De Goi was beaten up while partying at a Bali bar, imitating sex on camera and later trying to expose her breasts at a bar.

De Goi’s decision to move to Bali over the summer A lot has been done between the story and the contract negotiations:

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De Goi has since spoken out against the video coverage, but former coach Buckley has spoken to Fox Football’s Best Online and advised him not to travel to Bali.

“I mean, I don’t think it’s a good decision to move to Bali,” he said.

“I know the club has been criticized for this, but your players are not holding hands like preschoolers.

“When you are an adult you have to treat them like an adult and when you are 26 years old you are an adult. Jordy has to take responsibility for his decision, he has to take responsibility for his position and the club.

“There was a whole pile of it, and sadly there was a whole pile of it.

“The rest of his teammates and staff were away on vacation when they tried to get some R&R and they would experience this on Friday night or Saturday morning.

“Unfortunately, I do not know how much heart and head space you get.”

In an Instagram post, De Goi Media said, “An uneducated, biased and informative narrative has gone too far.”

Former St Kilda’s great-granddaughter Nick Rialt was astonished by his failure to show the video “optics” in Bali.

“He’s already gone and sometimes people say the best defense is a good offense,” he said.

“It simply came to our notice then.

Maybe I should have recognized the optics of the situation. If you are looking for something other than that, you can comment on the freedom of the players and the players are adults and make their own choices.

“With one event there are so many layers for this; it is obviously dragging his clothes and being in Bali and that has been criticized before everything else. There are so many layers.

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