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Jordan De Goey, Craig McRae interview, press conference, Bali video, personal leave, out of contract

Collwoodwood manager Craig McCrey wants Jordan de Goi to return to the club when he can, so he wants the club to “hold our hands” after the trip to Bali.

De Goi is on a private holiday and will not play for West Sydney on Sunday and will not be seen at the club after returning from a trip to Bali, following a video of the 26-year-old at the Bali Bar following a $ 25,000 ban.

Speaking on SEN The Run Home, Macrei de Goi said he wanted to return to his coaches and teammates as soon as possible.

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“I live in a world of moral compass where I want to be held accountable for my actions. I take responsibility for my actions. ”

“I made a lot of mistakes and I realize I’m not good enough, I want to be better there. ‘

“My moral compass is in line with Collingwood’s moral compass. You make a mistake, sometimes we all take responsibility, we take responsibility and accountability, and we give our players a chance to take responsibility and accountability for their actions.

Speaking specifically to De Goi, Macry said, “I can’t help but think of him now. I really do, I want to turn my hand to him.

“I spoke to him yesterday and now he has no place to go back to football, but I want him to get here. He has to go through a few things first and get to a place where he can do that, but for him it is a safe place, our club.

“I want him to feel loved and supported. I can’t help it.

Considering the Collwoodwood story, some have criticized De Goy’s decision to move to Bali, but McCrey says that is not the case.

Magpies ditch De Goey presents after Bali | 06:08

“I knew he was going to Bali. I found a lot of things in my head …”

I feel that voice in my head and I want all our players to feel confident in making their own decisions. Some do good, and some do poorly from time to time. ”

Later, Macry added, “As long as I am a coach, I will not say no, you will not do this.

When De Goi Bali’s trip reached a fever pitch, Collingwood terminated his contract with De Goi, which is expected to last for two years, with two additional $ 800,000 at a time.

Although Macy’s declined to comment on the contract, De Goi was asked if he believed he would be at the club next year.

“I hope so. I will do it. ”

“I hope he finds a place to return and then it could be his best version.

“I want to have a better environment for all our players when they come in and out. To be honest, I don’t know when that will be and I don’t know when.

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