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Jordan De Goey suspension, Bali video, Collingwood Magpies response, upset at demeaning of women, latest, contract situation

Collingwood has recently reported a “shift” to the Jordan de Goi Bali nightclub event. Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson

De Goi, 26, first appeared on social media on Friday as he was partying and making signs during a Bali holiday while trying to grab a woman’s head.

The Magpies admitted they knew the video over the weekend, but the club said it would comment further “when it can do so”, Go Goi said in a statement on social media. This has been extensively investigated.

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De Goi, who is out of contract and is said to have paid $ 3.2 million from Collingwood as a result of the holiday video, was not available for training on Monday, but joined the club.

He is expected to announce his sentence on Tuesday.

Speaking on Channel 9 Leg assigned On Monday night, Wilson listed the activities behind the show at Collingwood as he prepared to address the issue.

“In recent days, things have changed for the staff at that football club and the football club,” she said.

“Strengthened by what I was told, you have reached out to AFL with Nading Rabah, who is now a senior corporate and media executive at Collingwood.

“(Director) Christine Holget led the club as a champion of change and tried to change them. The AFLW players are just as strong as Steve Chiyochi (Captain).

In the De Goey video, this is what has upset the club: Craig McRean, Angry Graham Wright, and Mark Anderson. I think the young media representatives at the club were very upset with the previous media reports because they were making mistakes on Friday and Saturday.

“The coin he told me at the club has now been reduced to Jordan de Goi, he realizes he is in real trouble.

“Attitudes towards women are reflected in the punishment. I think it is very possible to ban it now ይመስላል There seem to be a lot of stakeholders on this issue.

Wilson said he had serious doubts about De Goy’s future at the club.

“I think there is a very good chance (not next year at Collingwood),” she said.

I did not know the depth of the frustration in both Collingwood and AFL. You think Collingwood and the AFL image is corrupted.

Pies Young Gun on Tiktok | 00:40

Eesendon star Matthew Lloyd asked why De Goy hadn’t flown home after the video was released, and Collingwood’s interrupted Sunday game saw the PWs extend their four-game winning streak to the GWS Giants.

“I wonder … why didn’t he come home? Did they immediately put him on the plane and take him home? How do you get on Sunday night when you train on Monday morning? Getting ready for next Sunday’s game, ”Lloyd said.

“He is out of practice now and we will be back on Tuesday when there will be another circus. What a great distraction!

“The respect he lost from coaches and teammates is there. What if they lose on Sunday? ”

De Goi has a proven track record of off-field events, including the release of the Collingwood-based US attack in January and allegations of harassment.

Tick ​​Talk Video Magpis ‘Young Guns’ Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quinor recently set the stage for women to put more pressure on De Goi Saga.

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