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Justin Hodges, New South Wales jersey, bet, Origin II, Queensland Maroons great

There are no Queensland fans, you don’t have to check your eyes – that Maroons great Justin Hodges was in the NSW Blues jersey.

Hodgs is preparing for his fourth professional fight, first after losing to former NRL striker Darsie Lucic and wearing a forced shirt.

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On Wednesday, under the auspices of Lim Wilson-Matthias Ruda, Hodgson lost to former Queensland team-mate Ben Hannat and lost time to team-time manager Glen Jennings.

“It’s a bet,” Hodgs said, adding that he entered the jersey after losing Queensland 44-12 to the Blues in Perth on Sunday night.

He is wearing a so-called “dirty blue shirt” on the stage.

However, the 24-match start-up did not resonate with Queensland in a new way and was released as soon as possible after Main Event host Ben Damon asked his first question.

“I’ll pick it up if it’s okay,” said Hodgs. “Glen, is that sweet?

“That is the color of Yuk, I tell you, what a scary shirt.

Sadly, it must be Justin Hogs Mem. Photo: Fox SportsSource fall-FOX SPORTS
This made Hodgs even happier. Photo: Fox SportsSource fall-FOX SPORTS

But once the blue jersey came out, Hodgs targeted Hannat, who had no show at the press conference.

“It’s very frustrating, especially after the dirty talk. I don’t know where he is. Hopefully George (no limit boxing pink) can get him, he’s probably getting a big fella sun down on the M1 on the Gold Coast, ”Hodgs said.

“We have been training hard for four weeks now, and it is very sad to be here now and to know that he is not here. If he doesn’t come back, I’ll have to get out there and drive him out of the ring.

“Hopefully tomorrow will come to a head. I will definitely be there. Otherwise George can call Galap, Gal is always ready, so we’ll see what happens.

“You want to take the best and I have done that in my rugby league life and I am not afraid. I did not run away from temptation. As soon as I passed Ben, it was clear that if I had a chance to fight Gal and it would be my last fight, I could go on to my coaching career. Why not, if there is. Only someone else is there. It only takes one heavy hit from a heavy weight.

Justin Hodgs and Ben Hannet. Photo: Scott Shotz.Source approached

Hannet has not yet taken to social media after losing the press release.

Last week, the former Queensland striker called for a rookie goal after calling for a pass.

“Ben Hannet didn’t come today and it’s amazing because he beat me on the radio this week. He didn’t even come to the press conference looking for football bonuses and things like that, ”said Rose.

“It’s a little worrying for us. If he does not come tomorrow, he will be weighed in the balance and will not be able to continue.

“It puts us in a difficult position but… come on, Ben, all these different kinds of things are asking for a soccer bonus, how do you see the events you are going to face and we will do it. Get started here. Let’s fight this.

Hopefully Hannibal will reach the balance on Tuesday.

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