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Justin Hodgson called Ben Galen after a landslide victory over Ben Hannat.

Many predicted that he would be shot, but Hannibal showed great courage to go all the way to the end.

It was an exciting slow start.

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The first round of The Polar Bear was relatively subdued, as it threatened to explode with experienced Hodges.

As Hannett watched the shot be fired at the Hodgs, he was rolling a stick on the ring, but could not easily find the target.

But what is missing from the first round is that the second round is over.

At the beginning of the round, when the judge saw the two of them and Hannibal stepped back and lowered his hands, Hodgs was pronounced dead at the scene.

Judge Jeff Fench wonders why the judge stopped the fight.

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“What’s wrong with this?” Asked Fench.

When the two things were one step away, the fuse turned on for the rest of the round.

When Hannett tried to open the net, he used the strange side of the road several times, but Hodgs managed to escape from time to time.

The two fought back and forth in the third, with shots being fired at each stop.

At one point, Hannibal was about to tie the knot.

Fourth, he saw Hannat and Hodges swing deep, trying to finish once and for all, but they found fresh air.

Hodges hit Hannat in the final, but the latter was saved by a bell as he passed four rounds.

Speaking after the war, Hodges was overjoyed and played the crowd as he tried to set up a blockbuster on Gallen.

“If people in Queensland want to see me knock on the dirty cock,” says Hodges.

“I know Gal has more experience than I do, but I will jump, I will not give as ***. I do not know how long I will stay, but if I do, I know he will sleep. ”

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