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Justin Matamua tackle on Mitchell Moses, Wests Tigers v Parramatta Eels, sin bin, shoulder charge, Leichhardt Oval

West Leopard starter Justin Matamua was arrested in less than five minutes on Saturday night’s NRL debut.

Matamua scored more than four minutes on the field and scored Els’ half-time defender Michael Moses on the shoulder in the first half.

Moses knocked it out and tried to reach Reagan Campbell-Gillard – and he was too late to get it out and wrap his arms around it.

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The 19-year-old Matamuwa left the field and went into the cave.

Foxes analyst Warren Smith said: “If Barley is still on the field and now apologizes to the crowd in the first game, Justin Matamua says ‘yes it’s my fault’.

“But is it hard to sin? I think we see a lot of situations like this, no, and it doesn’t lead to the accumulation of sin.”

Justin Matamua fights Els Mitchell Moses with sticks. GettySource Fate-Getty Images

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“Look at the connection, we have no argument with that. Did he have a summary action? No, it wasn’t, ”Parker said.

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“The 19-year-old finds himself in a dumpster and spends more time on the field than he does on the field. It is the first time I remember. ”

Benji Marshall described the beating as a “shoulder charge” and said it was one of several “crazy scenes” in the first half.

Mick Inis called the season half-time a “real game changer” and proved he was right, with Ellis winning 28-20.

You have to feel for him. Throughout the week he was told to ‘do the little things and put pressure on Moses’ and he cooked a little.

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