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Kalyn Ponga kicked out of toilet cubicle, video, Newcastle Knights, investigation, Kurt Mann

Knights superstar Kalin Ponga looks set to be stripped of his captaincy after a video emerged of him being kicked out of a toilet with teammate Kurt Mann.

The video, which came to light on Monday morning, shows Ponga’s father Andre, 24, celebrating a “joyous house purchase” when the 24-year-old was “sick in the toilet and his partner came in to help him”.

Although Fox League’s James Hooper suggested that wasn’t the real story when he told NRL 360: “You might have to re-enact Pinocchio, don’t we believe we’re fairy tales?”

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Newly signed football manager Peter Parr will face the media on Tuesday and News Corp reporter Phil Rothfield believes it could be the end of Ponga’s captaincy reign.

“I think it’s a really bad look and I know the Knights are really concerned about the PR side and the culture of it,” he told NRL 360.

“You know how hard it is, I think he’s going to lose his captaincy because of it.

Ponga was announced as co-captain alongside Jayden Briley in February, but with the latter missing for much of the season, Ponga took charge for the first 16 rounds.

Hooper agreed that it was “a bad show” and urged the riders to come down hard on Ponga, with David Clemmer standing on the field due to a coaching incident.

“If he had a concussion, commonsense would tell you he should be (alcohol-restricted), certainly Kurt Mann (who was injured) was alcohol-restricted,” he said.

Ponga asked to leave the toilet cubicle | 00:16

“David Clemmer has been sacked for abusing the manager on the pitch, which I would argue is more damaging to the club’s negative press and if you’re just wondering, read the Riot Act tomorrow morning. Peter Parr will appear in front of the media and say ‘enough, this is the line in the sand, we will not tolerate this kind of bullshit anymore’.

“On the back of that, I think they should both be given a break-in notice and a fine, because if they’re going to breach David Clemmer and get punished for something so simple on the pitch with the coach, they can’t afford it.

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However, Paul Kent fears that stripping him of the captaincy could backfire and believes the club will “step up” Ponga.

“You’re the only one who can get us out of trouble at this club and we’ve paid you what you deserve, you’re a big player and you’re a starting point… He’s going to force him to start getting them out of the woods.”

“If you’re going to spend that money on a player, you have to get a return on it. The way to get the most out of Kalin is not to fire him, but to fire him as captain.

“I’m not going to make excuses, I’m going to bring him in and give him a riot act, but I’m going to say, ‘You’re his boyfriend’ and I’m going to step it up and he’s going to go with his teammates. him.

“If he has any decency in him as a player from a football perspective, he will respond to that.”

The lowly titans put the gentle man to shame | 02:18

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Brett also agreed.

“As much as he took the mickey, this guy holds the key to success…you’ve got to put this bloke in his hip pocket,” he said.

“Kick his ass, but say, ‘This is mate, this is your last chance.'” They have to do some homework in the next 24 hours, teach him a lesson, threaten what they know from him, and go, ‘Dude.’

“If you sack him as captain, you start losing your key player.”

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