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Another day, Kevin Durant won another roller coaster ride on a rollercoaster ride following a request from the Brooklyn Nets’ top shell bomb business last weekend.

Despite rumors circulating on Monday that Durant’s former team’s Golden State Warriors are desperate to reunite with their former championship star, fighter fans should not give up hope that Kaddy will return to Oakland next season.

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Famous Gulf journalist Marcus Thompson II of Athletics He said any relationship with the Golden State could be broken because of the unwillingness of the militants to meet Brooklyn’s nefarious needs.

“In addition, according to several sources in the militant group, it is a reunion.

Something very unlikely, ”wrote Thompson.

“Nothing in the last three years. The fighters will be willing to pay the price for KD’s return.”

Thompson Durant said it looked like he had returned to winning ways in the Champions League, but said the other three Golden State former four senior members could be reunited with KD.

“The stars of the war have been talking to Durant,” Thompson wrote.

“In addition to getting it, the Hall of Fame-bound peers entertained the idea.


“It could even be about the amazing nature.”

The fact that Steve Carrie, Clay Thompson and Drewmond Green, at least for KD’s return, is a big step forward for them to join Kerry Irving in Brooklyn following the loss of the Warriors. In the 2019 NBA Finals.

Green’s participation in these talks is a good sign, especially in light of the history of violence against Durant, including their current undisclosed feud in 2018 and contributing to Kedy’s uprising and their recent disagreement on Twitter.

With suspicions linking the warriors’ interest to Brooklyn’s price tag, a secret tweet from Miami Heat star Tyler Hero has exacerbated speculation that he may soon be involved in Keddy’s business.

The NBA’s sixth-year winner said on Twitter this morning that “the way things are going is just a family affair.” in near.

This tweet follows a report by ESPN Senior NBA Inspector Adrian Weinarowski over the weekend that Miami was a front-runner in Kevin Durant’s wish list for the net management.

Over the weekend, NBA writer and podcast host Michael Scotto suggested that a three-way deal would be needed to meet the remaining four years of Kevin Durant’s contract to meet any of Tyler’s Hero package.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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