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NRL legend Matt Jones called the replacement of Lachlan Ilias “unfair” 51 minutes before the young gunman in the Rabitohs Dragons clash.

The Red Devils team made six attempts in the first 27 minutes through Anthony Griffin St. George Ilawara, who took the lead in the first half.

Southampton coach Jason Dimitri has called for the 22-year-old Elias to be dragged off the field. The coach said after the game that everything was a half-learning process for the youngster, but Jones believed it could undermine his self-confidence – comparing the situation to that of last season’s Bulldogs Kyle Flanagan.

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Gordon Tallis on the Matt Jones show:

“I feel very sorry for him,” Jones said.

“We saw him with young Kyle Flanagan, you saw Trent busy with that game, he lost his confidence,” Jones said.

“I think it’s really unfair to the young genius, especially with Elias, who is under a lot of pressure on Adam Reynolds and Jason Dimitri is defending and retreating.

“Adam Reynolds’ comparison is irrelevant, he is a good young man and you can see when he starts coming.

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South Sydney Press Release | 06:09

But he had a difficult start tonight and he was just on the sidelines and I don’t know if he was injured or replaced but I think it was a very difficult call for him and I really feel it. For him. “

Fox League player Brian Fletcher highlighted the importance of the back half, highlighting the depth of the club’s No. 7 jersey.

Cody Nikorima moved to Redfried in the second half of the season and Blake Tafe joined Fulbach in the second half.

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Rotten rabbits infected with dragons | 02 ፡ 58 58

“In coaching, half of your back is your main player and I don’t think the South is too deep in seven jerseys,” Fletcher said.

“This is the first year that the first grade has started. He has finished 15 games in the first grade. We all play games like this.”

The famous half-back Jonathan Torston was impressed by his movement.

“There is no way out,” he said on Channel 9. “I stayed there for half an hour and then he could connect with me.

“He threw the ball after the game, but to catch up after 30 minutes would reduce his confidence. I think the team really has to get around it.

“We have these young halves going in there and we (we) are waiting for the team to go around the park and try out aids, online tutorials and all these statistics, but to know how to do that until you get into the 50-plus games, it takes a lot of work.” It protects him.

“It’s a big call for the coach to connect him after 30 minutes, but the team really has to gather around him because he will be destroyed.”

Injured Cleary to miss another week | 00:59

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