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Lance Franklin to Brisbane Lions, Sydney Swans, trade, restricted free agent, future, Ben Dixon

Lance Franklin Fox Footy’s Ben Dixon believes he’s more likely to be “on the moon than playing in Victoria” in 2023, heading north to Brisbane and perfectly fit.

Dixon, who last month tipped the Lions as a possible new home for the Swans superstar, said “weirder things have happened” than the 36-year-old veteran heading to his third AFL club.

And Dixon said criticism that Brisbane had enough tall forwards was irrelevant when it came to a player of Franklin’s caliber.

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“Having someone with that experience come in and teach the (Eric) Hipwoods of the world, even (Joe) Daniher has a lot to learn. For a guy like Franklin to learn, that in itself is important,” he told Fox Footy.

“I think there is some real merit in[the Brisbane move rumours].

“My gut is yes (he will leave Sydney).

He is more likely to play on the moon than in Victoria.

“People leave Melbourne for a reason… we’re in a fishbowl here. I know[the Franklins]are very private people, family-oriented people.

“I think in our area, it’s got a Sydney flavor, and to quote Braveheart, it’s got its freedom.

“Going to a different tilt, going to a different club is not going to tarnish your reputation in the game.”

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Dixon said Franklin wanted a club where he could make an impact and find success – and that’s why Brisbane was seen as the best candidate.

“He’s not going to Mexico — he’s not coming south,” Dixon laughed.

“It only goes north.

“He left Mexico a long time ago for the right reasons. He is a Perth boy, but you can avoid the two clubs. You can remove the giants. It’s a process of elimination – it’s Gold Coast or Brisbane.

“Brisbane is right in the wheelhouse to win. If not this year, next year they have little inclination.

I know that sustained success was the motivation behind signing a long-term deal with Sydney.

“I think his motivation and motivation – he wants to win the flag.

“It could be the hottest property in Queensland.

“If you see it and you: Who’s closer to the flag (Gold Coast or Brisbane)?” Well, there’s no doubt about Brisbane.”

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Dixon said Franklin could battle forward from the Lions regardless of his three-height situation.

Last month, he said drawing in someone like Franklin would free up Daniher’s second-best defender every week, while Hipwood could be “off the leash” at third.

“We are always prepared with two key forwards or two tall forwards is enough. But don’t be fooled by what you see in height. “You have to see the way they play,” he said.

“A lot of teams have three lengths – especially quality threes, but they all differ in the way they approach their football.

“The way Franklin plays, it’s probably 50 percent, 40 percent (height). A Joe Daniher might be a little over 90-10 at most. And then you’ve got Hipwood, which could be 70-30. So not all 90.

“Why don’t you think outside the box a little? Stranger things have happened.

“(People say) Can’t you have three 6-foot-5 blocks on the forward line? why not? Is there a rule book?

“Lance Franklin is one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

He has everything you want in a player to come to your football club.

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