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Latrell Mitchell, high tackle, Dominic Young, South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Newcastle Knights, David Klemmer

Southampton star Laterell Mitchell was shot in the head by Knights winger Dominic Young and reportedly continued to lift the injured player off the ground.

In the 18th minute, Michel Yong tried to marry the hunter, but he failed.

Believing that he was unharmed, Michelle continued to lift the young man off the ground.

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“What a problem,” Steve Roers initially said.

“What happened here?” Said Dan Ginane.

“Mitchell wanted to get up right away.

“The young man tried to put on that leggings again and went out and Michelle had nothing.

“What is that left arm doing there? Is he gathering the young man? in case”

Rich Mitchell predicted that the event would be reported.

“I think he has,” said Michel Young.

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Latere Mitchell reported on Dominic Young’s serious problems.Source fall-FOX SPORTS

“That’s why it’s left. I expect that to be reported. It falls on him.

Mitchell got into a heated argument with Yang and his cavalryman David Clamer after the match.

“This will be a punishment,” Ginnane said.

“That’s why Latrell is trying to get him to play fast and play.

“Latrell is giving it to the young man.”

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Rabbitohs take on Milford in return | 00:52

But he acknowledged that he did not have much choice in the matter.

“He (Mitchell) has nothing to do there,” Roe said.

“You have to do everything you can to make that fight against the person who scored two minutes ago.”

Judge Todd Smith dismissed the South Star report.

“The connection is for the head, it’s on the report,” Smith said.

“What am I going to do?” Mitchell replied.

Ginnane Mitchell believes the lack of football and a clean record in 2022 will help the game review committee.

“Lateral Mitchell has not been charged this year,” Ginaane said.

Only the sixth game of 2022.

However, Mitchell has the right rap paper in his work from time immemorial and will be sweating at the decision of the Match Review Committee.

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