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Legends slam Jahrome Hughes dive ‘not in the spirit of the game’, Melbourne Storm Vs Brisbane Broncos

Melbourne Hurricane Jarom Hughes spent one night at the Brisbane Broncos on Friday night, but it was not his best time.

Hughes scored two attempts, including an assist, an interception, and an impressive 91m run, even to coach Craig Bellamy.

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But Channel 9 analysts have questioned whether he was involved in a plot to save the experiment.

The Broncos led the way 6-4 as Cori Ots converted.

It seemed too simple, and Judge Adam Gi initially denied any wrongdoing.

Broncos Kurt Capewell ran the trick as the ball bounced off the post, but when it did play again, Hughes hit Capewell and fell to the ground.

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Jones: “They are judging that Jarom Hughes is crazy.

“I totally agree with the decision, but let’s hope it is consistent. Capewell passes and Jahrome Hughes plays until then.

“He is playing for a penalty kick, which is not in the spirit of rugby league, you have learned to compete for everything, he plays for a penalty kick.”

Hughes was coming down before he met. Photo: Fox SportsSource: FOX SPORTS

Former Storm Captain Smith says officials are 100% right not to embarrass Hughes.

“Jahrome Hughes, he wants punishment, he wants punishment. In his mind, he thought, ‘OK, it would be an obstacle if I hit him on the field,’ but he got the chance to continue the race and participate in that game and beat Cory Oats. ”Said Smith.

“Anyone who has played at least one rugby league game knows that Jarom can stay on his feet.”

Locker agrees: “If you want to stop breastfeeding, you have to judge them that way.

“They have to do their best to survive and stay alive in the game. Stumbling is never black and white, and I think the mind should go to the banker, but if the individual, the defender, does not make a fair effort to stay in the game, that is the right call, 100%. ”

Despite his poor performance, Hughes was remarkably different.

Hughes had a barn. Photo by Kelly Defina / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

In a post-match press conference, Bellamy was praised.

“I believe he is with the other half of the race,” said Bellamy.

“He has a good ball game, he has a good running game and now he has confidence in his leadership.

“He is not overly confident, he is not naturally self-confident, I think he should have self-confidence.

“He has definitely done that over the last 18 months and two years.”

Storm Captain Jesse Bromwich has noticed a significant improvement in Hughes’ leadership qualities.

“According to Craig, he is not a natural speaker, but in this day and age he is the only one who can speak.

“He is telling us what to do, not asking us what to do.”

With Lance Jenkinson, NCA Newswire

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