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Leon Edwards head kick, knocks out Kamaru Usman, fighters react, video, trilogy, next fight, Dana White

UFC boss Dana White described it as a “holy s***” moment. A split-second round that the sport can often deliver in unexpected ways.

As for Leon Edwards, he looked “broken” and “embarrassed” as he headed to his corner ahead of the fifth and final round against pound-for-pound Kamaru Usman.

According to Dean Thomas, who had been following Edwards closely during the fight, he could sense that the challenger was at breaking point.

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In case it wasn’t clear, Leon commented that he is now broke.

“The biggest thing is that he doesn’t meet the coach’s eye contact with the corner. You will be shy without making eye contact with them and will be embarrassed by their own performance.

For a few rounds, the UFC commentary team was urging Edwards to pose a threat to make Usman, the welterweight champion, feel comfortable.

He scored an early takedown in the first round but was dominant from then on and didn’t seem willing to let himself go and pull off a miracle finish.

That was, until one great feint and a perfect head kick dropped Usman to the canvas and gave Wyatt – and all UFC fans – that “holy se***”.

“You can never take things for granted and think about something until it’s really over,” White said in his post-fight press conference.

“You’ve got everybody in the hall at once, everybody at home watching on TV at once, everybody in the bar at once, it just explodes. It’s very special.”

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What made Sunday’s finish even more surprising was Usman’s “perfect fight” until the final minutes of the fifth round.

“I was mad because I was hearing the criticism. [Joe] Rogan and [Jon] Anik and DC [Daniel Cormier] Edwards was dead set on everything they said he should do and just as they said he hit his head,” White said.

“You think about everything that was on the line for Usman… he fought the perfect fight… we were landing big shots to the body and head, elbows. He couldn’t have put up a more perfect fight until the last minute.

Kamaru Usman lays on the mat after losing to Leon Edwards.  Alex Goodlett/Getty Images/AFP
Kamaru Usman lays on the mat after losing to Leon Edwards. Alex Goodlett/Getty Images/AFPSource: AFP

As for what Rogan, Anik and Cormier said on commentary, they were also writing Edwards’ obituary.

“There’s no comparison. It’s the highest-scoring, most-at-risk, most-questioned, most-considered-the-biggest-header in the history of the sport.” Rogan said.

“He [Usman] They denied him every time they led him out. You could see the look on his face, he was in denial.

“You’re going to be the best pound-for-pound fighter and you’re going to shut up with head shots like that. It was so amazing, I felt like my brain was having a hard time processing it.

“I looked at the kicking ground and it looked unreal. It was great and unexpected. It was perfect technique, everything about it.

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“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it,” Cormier added.

“Usman has not been able to leave the ten side, he is still very injured. I can’t imagine what was going through his mind.

If Usman was struggling to process what had happened, the rest of the UFC world had little hope of making sense of it.

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