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Liam Jones Essendon, Western Bulldogs, Carlton could be compensated, Josh Dunkley contract, Adelaide Crows

Carlton Liam Jones could ask the AFL for compensation, with speculation that he could return to another club.

Also the latest on Josh Dunkley.

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How can the Blues be compensated if they hire rival Jones?

Leah Jones could receive compensation from Carlton if he joins another AFL club at the end of the season, according to reports. Period.

Jones refused to meet the AFL immunization obligations last year and later retired, although he had one year left on his contract.

However, the key defender who plays for QAFL this year has previously stated that he has not given up on playing again in AFL, and with recent indications the league could lift its current immunization obligation by the end of this year.

Under AFL rules, a retired player cannot return to another club for 18 months. This means that Jones will not be able to play for one of the 17 teams after the mid-2023 draft.

But Period As the Blues reported on Tuesday night, Jones, who has no interest in re-recruiting Jones, “did not want to stand in the way” when he returned to the AFL through another club, either during the transfer window or on the draft.

Former Carlton AFL player Liam Jones has joined QAFL club Palm Beach Crumbin this year. Photo: Glen HampsonSource: News News Corp Australia

The report notes that Carlton Jones is expected to have “positive discussions” with AFL for the compensation. If the league interrupts any move for Jones, the Blues could receive compensation for his loss, or it could be facilitated during a preliminary deal between Carlton and the 31-year-old’s rival club.

Jones was last seen in an informal meeting last week in Queensland with Eisenon’s general manager Adrian Dodoro.

But former Hawthorn shooter Ben Dixon told Fox Foot. The first crack Jones, who played 66 games for them before being sold to Carton in 2014 on Sunday night, said he should give priority to the out-of-season.

“A secret weapon is sitting on the side. His name is Liam Jones – and I want to say ‘Lobb in Liam’, ”Dixon said The first crack.

When they looked at their six backs (on Sydney) on Friday night, they were very secretive.

“The last chance is to pass and I think Liam Jones’ name should be considered.

Dogs star ‘will not be short’ suits

“There is no shortage of interested parties,” said Kenneth Josh Dunkley, a four-time winner and winner of the Bundes.

The Western Bulldogs have recently turned their attention to signing Dunkley, who is due to end his contract at the end of the season but has said he is “in no hurry” to re-sign in May.

The 25-year-old is not eligible for a free agency this year, which means that trade with a rival club must be organized if he wants to let go of his dogs.

Speaking SEN Breakfast “It’s very difficult to read,” said Sam Edmond, a reporter on Wednesday morning.

What is wrong with the dogs? | 03 ፡ 57 57

Dunkley applied for a Bulldogs contract in the middle of Essex last two years ago, but the deal fell through due to the Bombers’ refusal to offer him two first-round picks.

Cornish said the dogs should have been sold to Dunklein by 2020.

“Its value has never been as high as it was then,” Cornes said. SEN Breakfast.

“It’s a boon to them (bulldogs). We all admire what he does and his character but the Bulldogs don’t want him in the middle of the field and they don’t pay him a lot of money to play in the already overlapping middle class. Other areas of the list need to be sorted.

“He could be one of the winners. He doesn’t shorten the teams that are interested in him.”

Earlier this year, Dunkley was linked with a move to South Australia, although the dog’s average has declined.

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