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Liam Martin addresses ‘grub’ label after State of Origin game II, ‘talking s**t’, ‘I don’t care’, NSW Vs Queensland

NSW blues star Liam Martin has been linked with a move to the Premier League, but the Panthers’ front line has lost its last laugh.

According to tradition, Queensland was inspired by the slightest inclination to accuse Martin of his brutal treatment of Origin I in 2021.

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Queensland Media has dubbed Martin NSW “evil”, citing four moments in Game I as “movie dramas”.

Sunday, June 26

Sunday, June 26

Those events included Cameron Munster’s head (64th minute), arm to Dane Gagaro throat (65th minute), massaging his head in front of Kurt Capewell (67th minute) and digging his elbow into the rib cage (68th minute). ).

But after a week of laughter, Martin Blues won the final word in the drama after winning 44-12 marathons.

Blues grub Liam Martin looks at his funny side. Photo Search Channel 9Source: Poverty-Channel 9

After the game, talking to Roving Channel 9 reporter and NSW legend Paul Galen, he asked how former Blues boss Martin had a “c *** p talk” during the week.

His response showed that if the Marons wanted to get under Martin’s skin, it didn’t work.

Martin said: “I was really worried. “He was a very talkative person. I didn’t mind – I was sprayed by the men who came home, I said, ‘They’ll know what you’re up to.’ I didn’t really care.”

In fact, it was Martin’s mother, Maxine, who worked hard.

Speaking on 2 DayFM Housi, Ed, and ErinMaxine says she has been banned from reading more about her son.

Maxine says: “At that moment, it seemed that my mother bear was coming out.

“I said, when you watch a game, there is more facial massage than beauty salon. They always argue with each other.

“I called my children, and they stopped me. I am banned from reading the internet, I am banned from social media. I’m banned! Can you block parents?

“It’s off the field.

“It’s not a beautiful label – the enemy of the public number 1 … or the eclipse – it’s not a beautiful label and ‘Wow, what’s going on here?’ I’m thinking.

“I was sleepless when he first came out.”

20 tackles and 60m, hit by Martin. Photo by Paul Ken / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Ed Cavale, along with Erin Mollan and Dave Hughes, was delighted to see Mike McKinny, the co-host of the radio program, agree to wear a T-shirt. .

“I am delighted to be a Queensland supporter. Maxine, your son is cruel, ”said Cavale, with his tongue firmly planted on his cheek. “Your son is a big eclipse.

But he was the only one the Blues wanted because the rest were so beautiful.

“Let the elbow guide him. ‘Follow me after my knees and elbows, people, straight into the face and throat of Queensland residents.’

Caveley later confirmed that everyone was making fun of him, adding: “Maxine is a beauty, everything is in vain, they do it every year.

“Queensland just pick someone and go, ‘OK, this is what we’re following.’

Maroons seem to need someone else to choose from – Leah Martin doesn’t care.

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