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Liam Wilson vs Matias Rueda boxing live updates, Justin Hodges vs Ben Hannant, full card, start time, how to watch, stream, when is the main event

“He beats Pisces,” Paul Galen emphasized to Justin Hodgs.

Hodgs faced former Meron teammate Ben Hannat in a heavyweight clash with Lim Wilson (10-1, 7KO) in a super featherweight at the Brisbane Convention Center with Matthias Ruda (37-1, 32KO).

Former Broncos legend has ruled out the possibility of a victory over Galen before both gloves closed for good.

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If this continues, Galen will enjoy the opportunity to put his former kangaroo teammate on a “legal” basis.

“It’s a good thing,” Galen told

“I’ll hit the pizza on him, that’s for sure. I played a lot of test games with him and he was not a bad person, but he was one of those blocks that you like to punch in the face.

“It would be great to be able to do this legally.”

If Hodges raises his hand, he will no doubt have a strong sense of homeland for the future war between the two.

So the two made a bet based on this year’s intense state competition, which will affect the location of their future battle.

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“I made a deal with Justin Hodgs,” Galen said.

“If Queensland wins the series, I will fight in Queensland for the benefit of my hometown. But if New South Wales wins the series, we have to do it in NSW. He agreed. ”

However, Gal hopes for a one-billion-dollar deal that will make him the most sought after person in the solar system.

“Fighting between the two is not a problem,” says Galen.

“We just have to see what happens. I still hope to double up, so I can fight both in one night.

“It would be fun to humiliate two Queenslanders in one night.”

Despite his desire, Gaal believes that there is someone who will eventually raise his hand.

And it is not a bargain.

Galen: “I’m going to choose Ben Hannat.

“I think it’s very difficult. I think it’s annoying.

“Ben Hannant is going to get it. I don’t know how, I just know he’ll get it.

Hodgs beats opponent, blindfolds | 02 ፡ 46 46

Preview, by Ronny Lerner

Australia are preparing for another big boxing match as local favorite Liam Wilson competes against Argentina’s Matthias Ruda in the empty WBO World Cup.

The battle between Wilson (10-1, 7 KO) and Ruda (37-1, 32 KO) is a major event at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center and is the latest high-profile battle on these beaches, in Melbourne earlier this month. The heels of George Campus and Davin Honey.

Wilson defeated Joe Noinain of the Philippines in a rematch of the WBO Asia Pacific Super Bowl.

But after a three-year break, Ruda returned unchallenged in 2019 and is on the verge of a five-match winning streak.

Boxing legend Jeff Fennach Wilson is seen as Australia’s next best prospect and has been hailed for his courage, especially after the return leg against the weightless New Year.

Wilson rises to fight for home people! | 03:00

“The boy’s confidence in getting into the ring and doing that was very special,” Feneck said.

“This person is being beaten by someone and you are going to retaliate against the person who caused your work and you are taking the biggest risk.

“He believed in himself, he knew he had made two mistakes in that first battle and he corrected them. It was crazy, it was an incredible victory.”

George Rose, CEO of No Limit, which is promoting the card, thinks that both fighters will lose a lot in this competition, but the prize money could be huge.

“Completing the top 10 in the world is not an easy task. No matter what age he is, he is losing his way. ”

“The loss of both has a big impact on their career and where it comes from. But winning this lime fight puts it in the middle and then the next 12-18 months will be where the world title competition could take place.

“I think he can compete for the World Cup. I never think so. ”

One of the highlights of the bottom line is the heavyweight competition between former Brisbane Broncos and his Queensland teammates Justin Hodgs and Ben Hannet.

Hannibal will start his professional boxing career, Hodgs (3-1-0) already has four battles under his belt. The race is scheduled for four three-minute rounds.

The main card starts at 7pm AEST The Wilson-Rudda main event can start around 9:30/10: 00 pm.

Full card

Liam Wilson vs. Matias Rued – 10 rounds in super-feather weight

Paulo Aokuso vs. Robert Berridge – 10 rounds light-weight

Justin Hodgson with Ben Hannet – four rounds in heavyweight

Shannon O’Connell with Sarah Higgins – Six Round by Bantam Balance

Ben Hussein Vs. Wes Capper – Eight rounds

Ella Booth with Stephanie Mongong – Four Rounds in Weight

Jack Wiley with Patrick Clark – five rounds in weight

Follow tonight’s card for our live blog below!

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