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Liam Wilson did not need to be reminded of the “emotional rollercoaster” and “heart attack” that he had in the last camp.

With his own label, Queensland was “a different partner and a different father, not a happy one” from Wilson’s man who lost his first job in a rematch with Joe Noinai.

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But now Wilson (10-1, 7KO) has finally closed the Noinay chapter of his life for the better and turned his attention to Argentina. 8 Matthias Ruda (37-1, 32KO) will compete in the Super Feather Weights in Brisbane on June 29.

To reach this milestone, Wilson had to beat the demons that plagued him 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, in the defeat of Noinai. .

Although he was still enjoying everything that came with his training and boxing at the Sparting and the Battlefield, Wilson admitted that his rematch with Noinai was a “tick bomb” that got everything out of control.

“If I lose, if this happens, if that happens, if I lose again, I can come back,” Wilson said.

“It’s not just boxing. It entered my personal life. I know that in a training camp you are full of frustration and emotion and that you have to be patient with your partner.

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“I used to be that way with Noinai. But I was a different partner and a different father and I was not happy.

“Of course I was not. My life around me seems to be falling apart.

“My priorities in boxing have always been there, but my family and personal life have been in shambles since that victory.

“It was a rocket-propelled grenade. I was counting the days and weeks of the struggle and could not wait to get out of the way.

Wilson was the right way to disperse that terrible bomb.

After that fight, the 26-year-old had a much-needed two-month break from boxing.

For his camp with Ruida, Wilson was presented with a more “pleasant” and, most importantly, “relaxing” attitude.

A.D. It also helps to take an unprecedented step towards the undefeated Ruda, who lost his 2016 WBO featherweight title to Oscar Valdez.

With 32 of Rwanda’s 37 victories coming through KO / TKO, Wilson knew he and his team would have to raise their hands to the top of their game.

Wilson's victory over Joe Noinai was a sweet revenge.  (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)
Wilson’s victory over Joe Noinai was a sweet revenge. (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

But it wasn’t necessarily the Argentine knockout that made Wilson fight hard.

Rather, it is about how good he is at the basics of the sport.

Wilson said: “He (Rueda) has been in detention for a long time.

“I think in order to successfully pass 37 fighters, you have to be dangerous. You have to have skills and know your way around the ring, and that’s what he got.

“He is an attacker. It is something that causes us to be cautious as a group, and we must be very careful about that.

“It’s strong, it’s very basic but it does the basics right. There are so many types it’s hard to say.

So, how does Wilson defeat the person who does all the little things right?

“At the moment, our focus is on boxing,” Wilson said.

“We did it in a rematch with Joe Noinai and it worked out well.

But what sets me apart from other Australian boxers is our boxing skills. I got the stage, now I have to go in there and work and show everyone that I am a boxer. I was so motivated to do this, I trained to do this and now I am back to basics and boxing. ”

Victory with Ruda will take Wilson to the WBO Super Wings title. (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

The clash with Ruda is only 12th professional wrestling in Wilson’s career, but the 34-year-old’s victory will be WBO’s number one. 6 Online for a possible headline or title shot.

Shakur Stevenson is the champion in the Super Feature Weight category and Arki Sharp is the top contender.

The idea of ​​fighting with both men in the near future for his professional career was “crazy” by Wilson’s self-acceptance and he set his sights on taking risks and winning.

Although his future opponents are certainly not Australian, there is one ultimate warrior to be captured by Wilson.

In the first episode of Justis Huni v Joe Goodall, Paul Fleming called Wilson in the hope of fighting.

Wilson is happy for this to happen, but he believes it will all come down to Fleming’s speech.

“I laughed a little bit because he said he wanted a paycheck, but this is a matter of money,” Wilson said.

“What exactly are we paying for? He has a lower status than me and ask what we are paying.

“He has been sitting there for 10 years, he is fighting 28-0 against Uber drivers around me. I’m 11 and I’m at a higher level than him.

“I think Australia knows that I will take that fight, there is no question about it. It is entirely up to him and his team. Probably the only war I want in Australia. Whether that happens or not, this is completely on Paul’s side. ”

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